Killa Ki – History of Peckham

With the scene today in such a healthy space, a lot of the substance is fabricated or at least exaggerated. It was a different story some time back, when the authentic nature of what was being said was too real for authorities to glance over. Today we can say it’s just music, but the foundations upon which these tales even exist have been cast aside and more so embedded within the street stories. Peckham in South London had been one of those areas that had garnered a reputation for itself. The first time it really transitioned through music to a high level was with the emergence of Giggs, the content and then the police interference really cemented it, and in regards to music, helped create that moment and will be a part of it’s history. Amongst those transitioning into music, with not only a unique style, but a first hand perspective, was Killa Ki. The sound was Drill before Drill, from the intense production, the flow patterns and the content itself. After a 7 year hiatus he returned last year with Bishop Wid Da Juice, an underrated effort and one of his best, since however, he’s on social media and having observed the state of the scene, finds his place to re-establish himself as one of the originators with his new track, History of Peckham.

The track itself is an adequate reintroduction to Killa Ki aka Yung Hef. Those aware of his music previously will be familiar and those new to him can get a glimpse into who he is, Pecknarm and some of it’s history. As if his words were not certi’ enough, the inclusion of voice clips featuring some of the more influential names from the ‘narm streets, really adds a more official tone. The song overall and Killa Ki’s return brings a new layer to the music, and it’ll be interesting to hear more of the project that’s on the way. You can definitely expect more raw and authentic street raps thats for sure.

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