Dukus – Look Inside

After dropping the more laid-back statement Going Nowhere, Producer turned artist Dukus is already back with another, and wants you to take a Look Inside..

He raises the tempo and the motivation with this one, while Going Nowhere was more the intention, Look Inside is the steps he’s taking on the journey to his music being recognised further. His production is still a strong point, but with this track he’s finding his voice more with the melody.

“Gotta put the work in..ya never know, one day..make a million a show”

I like the content thus far, it’s honest, it’s him knowing he has to work hard and that’s been the subject of the music of late. It will definitely work a treat live, with it’s production and lighthearted feel, which we know makes for easy listening, plus it’s even catchier than his previous effort, meaning you can hear the improvement in his development further as an artist.


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  1. […] true to his word, Dukus follows up the moderate success of Look Inside, as he intends to keep his foot on their […]

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