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Whatever the fuck this is – Volume 2

The second instalment to the visual magazine.

Back again, with new music, videos and more. Click the image below to view..


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Dukus – Dolly Parton

If you’ve been following up on the posts for the past couple weeks, then you’ll no doubt  be aware of Dukus, who has been dropping weekly, and with the previous couple tracks serving as the foundations, he lets loose a cut from his forthcoming album ’88 Keys’, titled Dolly Parton

You can instantly hear the difference in quality, and as one of the more underrated mixers in the game, it only makes sense. The song itself, it’s choice of sounds dictate the tempo, from the kicks in the drums to the well-aligned bass, with his melody steering the direction. It’s a blend of little pieces, from the flow pattern, to the lyrics itself, “she listens to Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, she callin’ me Randy..such a Savage”, catchy to say the least, it really gives a modern blend of soul with the trap-sound, a more conceptual feel. One thing that stood out was the way that it hits hard, and has a heavy sound yet it’s easy listening, which gives it that playback value. Furthermore, it gives some insight into what you can expect sonically from the album overall, and though I’m sure there’s an array of tempos and melodies, you can be certain that it maintains this level of quality.


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Dukus – Talking Spanish

Staying true to his desires of consistency, Dukus is back yet again, this time with the more exotic sound..

Drawing inspiration from his Columbian heritage, Dukus merges flavours for this broader sound. Talking Spanish is quite the blend, leaning to a more traditional dance sound, strengthened by the drums, creating a universally appreciated rhythm. Dukus appears incredibly comfortable with this style, proven with how he flows fluently with the spanish. It’s clearly natural to him, as as something I would encourage him to explore further, I’m looking forward to hearing more of this side to his music.



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Dukus – On The Neck

Staying true to his word, Dukus follows up the moderate success of Look Inside, as he intends to keep his foot on their necks..

In a bid to stay consistent, Dukus is releasing new music as frequent as possible. Finding his groove in regards to releases and growing his fanbase, he links up with another up and comer Skully, with this layered track. In my opinion, it’s not as good as Look Inside, but is a different vibe altogether, a more amped offering, and will be one of his better tracks in a live setting. It’s good to see him in his groove and these tracks can give some insight into the forthcoming full scale project.


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Dukus – Look Inside

After dropping the more laid-back statement Going Nowhere, Producer turned artist Dukus is already back with another, and wants you to take a Look Inside..

He raises the tempo and the motivation with this one, while Going Nowhere was more the intention, Look Inside is the steps he’s taking on the journey to his music being recognised further. His production is still a strong point, but with this track he’s finding his voice more with the melody.

“Gotta put the work in..ya never know, one day..make a million a show”

I like the content thus far, it’s honest, it’s him knowing he has to work hard and that’s been the subject of the music of late. It will definitely work a treat live, with it’s production and lighthearted feel, which we know makes for easy listening, plus it’s even catchier than his previous effort, meaning you can hear the improvement in his development further as an artist.


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Dukus – Going Nowhere

“Telling me how I should do shit, when they can’t do their own shit..”

Following up from his previous project Alpha, Dukus continues to blend the flavours, dropping his new track, letting you know he isn’t Going Nowhere..


An incredibly talented producer, Dukus has supplied the vibes for top tracks within the country, and in the past couple years looked to establish himself as an artist in his own right. After the moderate success, both in front and especially behind the boards, he has been steadily working away, and since releases Going Nowhere, an inspiring, mid-tempo statement of a track, combining his abilities as a producer and vocalist, asserting not only his mindset but intentions as he looks to continue the hard work and further develop as a staple in music today.


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Dukus – No Rules ft. Smiley (RSGs)

The talent behind the boards steps to the forefront with the help of Roadside G’s own Smiley.

Dukus has been behind the beats for some of the best tracks to come out of the country, if he didn’t create it, he certainly mixed the magic. Having worked with a variety of acts, from the likes of Yung Reeks, down to being a part of Giggs’ Landlord album.

It’s always dope to see multi-talented individuals, and we’re no stranger to seeing Dukus flex the vocals, with previous efforts, such as Pinot Grigio. With No Rules, Dukus takes a motivational stance, with his work ethic doing the real talking, without any real help, blended with the feature of a veteran in Smiley, who’s voice contrasts the record nicely, providing an extra level of depth.

Dukus is definitely one to keep an ear out for, as he continues to improve each time, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

More notable, this effort goes towards fundraising for the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy.

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