Wholagun – Real Talk 3.0

With his Savage Sundays coming to an end, it’s taken those couple of weeks to readjust, and just as you may have wondered when next you’ll hear anything, Wholagun drops the visuals for one of his standout records, featured in his recent Solution To The Problem album.

As much as people may enjoy the more elaborate and detailed trap-themed raps, many Wholagun fans gravitate towards his retrospective takes. His Real Talk’s have been well received over the years, and this 3.0 follows those very sentiments. “No money in my pocket..couldn’t call on a mate, deep down many knew I was short on my change, still nobody offered me a portion of steak..”, at his most reflective, his most vulnerable is where his artistry truly thrives, being able to emote lyrically, further emphasised by his tone. Real Talk 3.0 is Wholagun’s inner battles thus far, his quest to prevail through music and transition from the streets, but deep in, and with really himself to rely on, it’s proving to be tough to focus on himself when he has so many to look after. This exact perspective it’s what highlights his persona as somewhat of a gangster with a heart of gold, as he calmly vents,“I gotta speak on my pain, I gotta free up my mind, ‘cos I just said I’m okay…and I ain’t even alright”, over the minimalist production, delivering a therapeutic verse that will undoubtedly not only resonate but furthermore uplift so many.

“Every days a blessing, I just wanna see us all progressing. I feel like everybody fights depression…’til you realise your minds a weapon.”


Click artwork to listen on Spotify


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