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Wholagun – Sweets

The Croydon General cannot be faltered for trying. The large consensus is a lack of consistency, yet, if you actually checked, he’s been nothing but consistent. From 2017’s Solution To The Problem, to starting 2018 with his Savage Sunday series, not to mention, he’s dropped at least 5 videos in the past year. What the fuck more do people want?!

And so in 2019, it’s back again, with a track he teased towards the end of the year, Sweets

Linking up once again with Edixion Beats, the two have a chemistry, or at least a proven history of quality bass-heavy production that compliments the rapper’s vocals, so it’s no different here, with the calm piano sitting above the gritty beat, perfect for Wholagun to give us more flows, condensed street raps and a delivery to match the best. The video, serving as the visual aid, gives a bit of shine to Croydon, complimenting the track itself, the shoot looked like it was fun, with a good synergy amongst them, it’s one of the few videos I would have actually been in. I don’t expect Sweets to be a gamechanger, but it’s for sure a great start to the year, and progression is evident, with the track uploaded to the streaming sites too, something that was not always the case prior.

There is definitely a new project on the way, with these first couple tracks set to give some idea into the sound and direction, but as always, there is no lack in quality nor consistency. If you like authentic street rap, with wit and flows, then look no further, as Wholagun sets to take it up a level.

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Whatever The Fuck This Is – Volume 1

“Some sort of visual magazine, featuring some talented people.”

A new non-narrative visual magazine, blending all sorts, inspiration, music, artists and skaters to check for. Volume 1, out now! Check it out, hopefully you fuck with it, if so, Subscribe to the channel and all that good stuff.



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Wholagun – Real Talk 3.0

With his Savage Sundays coming to an end, it’s taken those couple of weeks to readjust, and just as you may have wondered when next you’ll hear anything, Wholagun drops the visuals for one of his standout records, featured in his recent Solution To The Problem album.

As much as people may enjoy the more elaborate and detailed trap-themed raps, many Wholagun fans gravitate towards his retrospective takes. His Real Talk’s have been well received over the years, and this 3.0 follows those very sentiments. “No money in my pocket..couldn’t call on a mate, deep down many knew I was short on my change, still nobody offered me a portion of steak..”, at his most reflective, his most vulnerable is where his artistry truly thrives, being able to emote lyrically, further emphasised by his tone. Real Talk 3.0 is Wholagun’s inner battles thus far, his quest to prevail through music and transition from the streets, but deep in, and with really himself to rely on, it’s proving to be tough to focus on himself when he has so many to look after. This exact perspective it’s what highlights his persona as somewhat of a gangster with a heart of gold, as he calmly vents,“I gotta speak on my pain, I gotta free up my mind, ‘cos I just said I’m okay…and I ain’t even alright”, over the minimalist production, delivering a therapeutic verse that will undoubtedly not only resonate but furthermore uplift so many.

“Every days a blessing, I just wanna see us all progressing. I feel like everybody fights depression…’til you realise your minds a weapon.”


Click artwork to listen on Spotify


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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 4)

I don’t need to check the calendar of late to know it’s Sunday, thanks to another new Savage Sunday episode. It’s really like he’s linked you at the end of the week to light one and play you some new music..

The initial thought was Wholagun was attempting to re-establish himself, with the weekly consistency as he further develops his fanbase. Almost playing catch up, to make up for the lack of music over the years, but by this fourth episode, it’s less of amount and more the content itself. Gangsta rap, trap rap, whatever you want to label it as, it is thriving, there’s a demand for the sound and interest in the subject, and few can do it as good as Wholagun. It’s rare to get someone who can give you a first-hand take on the topic and be able to rap at such a high level, possibly why Wholagun has had it tougher than others. Like a well-scripted movie, the Croydon talent is able to deliver vivid insights into that world, where those who live that life can relate, and those who fantasise over it will enjoy. Complete with this assertive flow and confidence, it really helps emphasises the authenticity.

I’m not sure if it would have benefitted to put the audio on Soundcloud also, for those to listen on the move, but as a concept, the visual format does what it needs to. If you want to listen to more, check the album.wholagunss.png

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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 3)

It’s that time again. The Croydon ambassador charging up your sundays with the latest edition of the Savage Sundays series..

“How they talkin’ ’bout banging and never seen shells?, I’m the one that they call upon when they need help..”

Already racking up a couple thousand views in a couple hours, he’s managed to maintain a core fanbase amidst the previous inconsistency, and along with new listeners..they’re enjoying the series so far. For Episode 3, we get Wholagun more in his rap lane, and once again, a fitting flow for this mid-tempo number. The content is what’s to be expected, but note that it’s not so easy to express it in so many ways, as he seems to do so effortlessly. Initially I was thinking that with the visuals, the series could be interpreted as repetitive, but it’s like being in the car with him on a Sunday to hear a new rap, it’s that very authenticity which helps justify the series and him as an artist.

“Tryna do it for my city..I’m holding the key, solution to the problem..they know that its me.”


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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 2)

While Episode 1 saw him rapping over a classic rap instrumental, he’s back for Episode 2 to show you the versatility..

“Man wanna talk about beef..’til I make a n**ga see my cutter, man can’t talk about P’s if a n**ga don’t feed his mother..”

Spinning a more Grime-sounding production, the Croydon rapper showcases his ability to command on any tempo, sure many can attempt the same but few can do it as good as he does. Weaving quoteables with an onslaught of syllables up to par with the best of them, only two episodes in and this series is getting more exciting, with anticipation increasing for the third.


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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 1)

The underrated Wholagun follows up last year’s Solution To The Problem (album) with a new series, titled Savage Sundays..

“How they ballin’ but they tickin’ their grub, I just went out on a mission..now I’m missin’ the plug”

For Episode 1, he tackles the Classic Bravehearts – Oochie Wally instrumental, and while the lyrics at times can be similar (with it’s heavy trap content), he’s one of the few who can switch the flow up with the tempo, and it’s just that with this one.

“Like, why you waste my time? I won’t even touch him, I just take my line, take the sim and say goodbye..”

In a time where many trying to cement themselves in this game are doing more than just the music, it’s great to see a talent stick to the craft, executed in a different style. I’m definitely intrigued to hear what beat he’s flowing on next week.


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Wholagun – Solution To The Problem

It’s been a long time coming. The South London rapper forged an almost legendary street status, an OG to many of the up and coming stars today, Wholagun had found some early success with a string of hits 3 to 5 years ago, generating a decent amount of views and following, however, for various reasons, it felt like he had not entirely made the transition into rap, not to mention the scene was not as healthy then. In the past couple years he followed through with some more freestyles and street bangers, with fans almost demanding an entire project, and so today, those wishes are granted, as we finally get the release of a full body of work, Solution To The Problem.

8 Tracks, fit to satisfy the core fans, but with enough range to introduce himself to new ones alike. Wholagun can rap, there is no denying it, what makes him some of your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper, is his versatility, flows for days, and as his brand increases, as will the content, with this EP showing early glimpses of just that. It starts with the lead single Dirty, it’s straight forward, easy to digest, and catchy, Wholagun has pretty much perfected the British trap sound, proven with the next track Weighty Cheque, following a similar format, as did Pretty & Bad, maybe I wanted more from him because I know what he is capable of, so initially I was disappointed, but couple more listens later and they’ve grown on me, the flow patterns and punchlines do it justice.

You can never judge from a couple tracks, and that’s exactly the case with this project, as track 4 takes a more melodic turn, “the game is mine, I rap, I sing, I’m taking the piss..”, and he is, the fan in me was vibezing, and the part that wants to see his talents rewarded was pleased, because it’s quality enough to be put up there with the current crop, one criticism I had, and If I was in the studio with him, I would say, to avoid the repetitive choruses, saying that, on this record, it made sense, and fit well. It might just be a personal choice and in fairness a lot of the biggest tracks out today have similar hooks, but I do believe he is talented enough to do better, and I just wouldn’t want anyone thinking otherwise.

I realise that because I’ve been waiting for this for long, I’m almost judging it, in all fairness, this is a re-introduction, as he re-asserts himself, letting you know, who he is out here, “I don’t wanna hear about big man, when you ain’t bigger than man”. The get money motivation is strong throughout, and by track 5, I realised he’s giving you doses of genius, easily digested, “I just got a call from the plug, got the front room looking like ‘dam”, this exact ability to paint a picture lyrically is why so many have loyally waited for this. Best thing about the project is that it only continues to get better with each song, bringing us to track 6, Be Rich, an introspective take on that previously mentioned motivation, is one of the standout tracks, “I’m tryna get that bread, my daughter needs her pizza, I’m tryna leave the ends…ain’t tryna rise that heat up”, he further delves into his desires to really establish himself in this game, making no mistake that it’s going to take hard work.

My early criticism/disappointment might not have made sense, me knowing he is capable of more, and when you hear track 7, you can understand, out of nowhere there’s a track catering to the ladies, and in no way has he had to compromise, nor is it a reach in any way, there’s strength in vulnerability, “feeling a way when you hug me, I feel like the man..only God is above me”, Winner it’s quite soulful, and very much appreciated, making it another standout. The last two tracks might be the best, with Real Talk 3 really cementing Wholagun at his best, the insightful raps, engulfed in wisdom, it’s human, it’s the epitome of what rap is for many, that inspiration, to keep going. “Every days a blessing, I just wanna see us all progressing, feel like everyone fights depression, ’til you realise your minds a weapon”.

I wanted to end it at that bar, powerful, emotive, important, that is Wholagun, who has given us a quality body of work, that he can only build upon as he continues his imminent rise to the top.


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XX17 Spotify Playlist

With us closer to the end of the year, I’ve curated another playlist, this time a selection of some of the best and underrated Hip-Hop, Grime, Alternative and R&B tracks of the year, thus far. The playlist hosts American, British and French tracks, that varies in tempo and style, featuring the likes of Giggs, PartyNextDoor, Post Malone, Wale, Sampha, Toro Y Moi & many more..

[Click the image]




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