Pistola – Fiji

As the lines of rap blur, Boston has a contender for the new era, with the abstract Pistola

There’s no need to dissect or overly analyse, just hit play and vibe. Still quite the up and comer, he’s shown signs of improvement through his previous releases, crafting a varying sound, he garnered some attention from his fan-favourite Swang, which went on to get a remix with DRAM. That track helped shine light on his stance as a performer, with Fiji being a testament to that, and in due time will prove itself in a live setting. Other than that, the few that know me, know Fiji is one of my preferred choices of water, so I (and everyone else that feels the same) now have somewhat of an anthem for it.

If you fuck with what you’ve heard thus far from the young Boston rep, then stay tuned as he looks to drop more, with a project in the works.


Click artwork to listen on Spotify

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