Introducing: Ye Ali

As LA thrives with an authentic array of artists and producers, it’s sound is evolving, from being rap-centric, (and while that is currently thriving) there is a strong emergence of a more soulful sound, lead by the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, with TeeFli and newer acts such as 24hrs and Bino Rideaux amongst the ranks, another one to watch for is Ye Ali.

A blend of both rap and R&B, he’s found himself as one of the more overlooked talents, rising to acclaim in 2016 with his Traphouse Jodeci project..

A showcase of his style and sound, drawing from influences and delivering a complete body of work through as concept that proved consistent from the first track down to the last. He expanded on that with Private Suite..

..allowing him to merge more of his R&B influences with his current feel, featuring the fan-favourite Ring x4. Both projects helped sustain a fanbase, which the next year were gifted with Passion & Patience.

A more refined version of the previous offerings, like an album, and while it overall was well received, it’s also boasted the big record Talk Less..

(Initially I was reviewing this track and video, however, as I saw it continue to fly under the radar, I felt that Ye Ali overall deserved mention for his work thus far.) Featuring the classic Ashanti sample, he’s able to comfortably croon and more so make his presence felt without being overshadowed by the sample itself. Talk Less has slowly gained traction, finding itself to the ears of influencers and helped spur Ye Ali even further, and as much as it’s last year’s lowkey anthem, I would not be surprised if it found itself circulating through this summer, as it has still not fulfilled it’s potential. The track also helped highlight the quality that comes from him working with producer Bizness Boi, who together had created a vast amount of his work thus far, and as both continue to excel in their own lanes, it only means for more good music and success to come.

One thing is for sure that Ye Ali has been ahead of his time, with his previous finding itself inspiring some of today’s tracks, for the likes of Chris Brown and more.

If you like what you have heard thus far, then be sure to stay tuned, as he continues to develop on his craft and provide the vibes, much like his recent two collaborations..

You can expect to hear a more developed sound as he is no doubt working on a new project, one that I am sure will help raise the profile of himself, his artistry and penmanship.


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