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Abby Jasmine – Long Live

OVO’s Baka made quite the entry with his anthem Live Up To My Name, and fittingly New York talent Abby Jasmine switches it up for her version, Long Live

The lighthearted track mirrors her personality well, it’s really one for the ladies to sing along to and the guys can appreciate. Maybe it’s ‘cos shes cute, or maybe it’s her energy, but she definitely has a standout vibe…that has garnered her a fair following, and as cool as the track is, it was a really smart decision to flip the standout line from Baka’s original, to, “he said I look like Riri when I’m smokin’ on a bean”, and no doubt girls across the globe will feel that one. Only criticism is the timing, it might have done better last summer than when the audio released, in November, but that doesn’t mean this can’t do what it needs to, and regardless..it’s a good start to the year for an act with plenty of talent and charisma to match.

She also followed up Long Live with the hype ‘Bless Yo Trap’

A strong personality and voice, the potential is most definitely there for her to cement herself as one of the more notable acts breaking through this year, and I would not be surprised (after a project under the belt), if she’s in talks for next year’s XXL Freshman cover.

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Baka – Live Up To My Name

“If I tatted tears, I’d be crying to my beard..”

For the majority, you heard him on More Life, many might remember his name being dropped by Drizzy in the attempts to declare a holiday upon his return from incarceration, on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Either way, Baka, aka Not Nice is making quite the name for himself.

In September 2016 he had the underground wave, with the Murda Beatz produced Whip, followed by, Ya Ya (featuring Big Lean), fast forward to now, and he’s certainly got his biggest hit to date, with Live Up To My Name.

“I went to jail when they released Men In Black, when I came out Timberlake was bringing Sexy Back..”

It’s somewhat undeniable that French Montana and Swae Lee have the song of the summer with Unforgettable, but right behind that, especially for those in the know, is Baka’s LUTMN. With lines like, “she say I look like Usher when I’m trappin’ in the rain”, his authentic tone, cadence and greazy melody have helped transcend it to new heights.

“They don’t have a cure for all my pain, aka It’s Not Nice..and I live up to my name”

It’s already circulated globally on the strength of it’s own, being the anthem that it is, and now with news of him officially signing to OVO as an artist, it can only spur things further for this real one. The video is more a fly on the wall view than staged, and it works, featuring his OVO comrades and cameos from the likes of the Weeknd and Rae Sremmurd, this feel good anthem definitely deserves to do well, and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.


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