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Mr Bigz – Body 2 Body

Bigz is no stranger to vibes, the rapper has experimented previously, and now steps into a lane which feels as natural to listen to, as it clearly is for him to create.

AfroBeats has found itself amongst the leading sounds today, and as the genre continues to evolve, the Flygerian himself, Mr Bigz as his alias Wavy Boy Smith, sprinkles his influence over this Sonny Reeves production, to bring us a more refined version, that brings the heat to a cold winter’s end. Don’t be surprised if this song finds its way onto everyone’s playlists gearing up for the summer. An easy listen, incredibly catchy, from the way he spreads the verses, the bridge, down to the hook itself.

The video captures the song’s vibrant feel, with the choice of colours, and not to mention the array of beautiful women, but more so, Bigz who gets out of his throne to throw down some subtle skanks in what is an essentially enjoyable vibe. Keep an ear out for more from Mr Bigz and even Body 2 Body as it steadily gains momentum.


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