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Mr Bigz – This Year

As his previous release Body 2 Body was in rotation, it was circulating (amongst those in the know) that Bigz had an even bigger banger in the stash. Couple months later, few teasers emerged and interest grew further, well that wait ends, as he finally drops it, along with the visuals..


“This year I’m tryna get mainstream money”, it’s quite the ascension already, since inking his major deal (under the alias Wavy Boy Smith) with Island Records. Featuring a more Afrobeat sound, though it’s natural to him as he pulls from his Nigerian roots, blended with his British heritage, creating a reformed version of what we’re used to from him already. Aside from the simple yet effective production, put together by one of the more underrated behind the boards, Ayo Beatz, who proves his versatility, with the choice of instrumentation and sounds, that much like Bigz’s vocals, are a fuse of cultures, it’s obviously catchy. As much as the chorus may captivate, I like that he chose to continue to rap for the verses, because it’s not difficult for him in the slightest to sing throughout, so it’s good sign of integrity. The strongest point however, is it’s relation (to the people), it’s less about having it and more so obtaining, so while he’s putting it out there in the universe, the momentum behind the song is a positive one, as we all share the desire.

“We go chop too much money this year”.

It’s already been picked up by some playlists, and with summer approaching, this song looks set to be in many more, finding itself in rotation, as it clearly possesses that feel.  The fact that in under 3 days, This Year has already surpassed the views his previous video garnered in 3 months, a clear incite into it’s impact already.

The video represents the feel of the song, it’s lighthearted appeal is strengthened with the comedic intro, featuring the inspirational Mr Oshodi and his fast growing Food Junkee stand, it’s a dope piece of marketing that fits and provides balance to the visual. Featuring cameos from the likes of Mercston and long-time affiliates SAS (Mega & Mayhem), altogether just having fun and like the track, has that contagious feel-good factor.

It’s a great start for Bigz (who has been in the game well before there was really any structure), getting his just dues, and with his forthcoming project considered to be of a similar vibe to these recent releases, there is a new found anticipation (and curiosity) brewing for the Flygerian and what’s next to come.


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Mr Bigz – Body 2 Body

Bigz is no stranger to vibes, the rapper has experimented previously, and now steps into a lane which feels as natural to listen to, as it clearly is for him to create.

AfroBeats has found itself amongst the leading sounds today, and as the genre continues to evolve, the Flygerian himself, Mr Bigz as his alias Wavy Boy Smith, sprinkles his influence over this Sonny Reeves production, to bring us a more refined version, that brings the heat to a cold winter’s end. Don’t be surprised if this song finds its way onto everyone’s playlists gearing up for the summer. An easy listen, incredibly catchy, from the way he spreads the verses, the bridge, down to the hook itself.

The video captures the song’s vibrant feel, with the choice of colours, and not to mention the array of beautiful women, but more so, Bigz who gets out of his throne to throw down some subtle skanks in what is an essentially enjoyable vibe. Keep an ear out for more from Mr Bigz and even Body 2 Body as it steadily gains momentum.


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Since the release of the Flight Of The Navigator, Bigz has found himself in new heights as far as his credibility, FOTN was justification that the rapper deserved all the praise he receives (if not more).

Continuing on that success, his “royal flyness” brings you, STARMAN (EP).
10 solid tracks to further cement his place among the best.


An emphatic intro to the EP, Starman has Bigz displaying the wordplay and flow with variety, switching up the flow beyond expectations as the verses progress, definitely a stand out on the project.


This track has been receiving a lot of love from the listeners, the kind of beat that you cannot help but nod your head along to (or even get up and 2-step), with the Flygerian leader back on his fly talk, using an aptly chosen Biggie sample, this track creates a certain vibe that only the flyest will feel.


Another stand out track, Sleeping Satellites is where Bigz holds his own against two of the best rappers in the country, on a deeper and more personal tone, the three artists add a contrast with their unique styles.
This track adds diversity and allows Bigz to show his ability via a different retrospective.

STARMAN is quite the offering as it is a FREE download, featuring G-FrSH, Wretch32, Sway, Selah, Baby Blue & more, consider this a Thank You for all the support he has been getting of late. Many people can argue all they want..but when it comes to ability and craft in regards to music, Bigz is one of the best.

Click cover to download

Download, press play and SWOOSH!

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Mark Henry – FLYGERIAN ft. G-FrSH, Tinie Tempah, Bigz & Dotstar

This should be the Nigerian national team’s track when they walk out onto the peach of any game, they should definitely listen to this in the changing rooms, they will not need any encouragement, the feeling of this song would do it all.

Mark Henry has been in the scene for a while, respected for his abilities, he was at times shadowing fellow emcee Sincere, however of late the two have been a tag-team in the industry and raising their status, Mark Henry steps into the spotlight for this one, displaying the reasons he is regarded as one of the best emcees, he enlists the help of G-FrSH for that extra dimension, a star in his own right, G-FrSH has proved that he is one of, if not the best entrepeneur, this year he has proved he is also one of the best rappers, Tinie Tempah (now a Major recording artist) takes the track somewhere else, he is the perfect example of variation, he provides his fast flow and witty lyrics setting up the flamboyant Bigz, who just unleashes his Nigerian passion onto the beat, the beat itself (which is co-produced by Mark Henry) is extremely catchy, fusing a modern and traditional sounds, it is done well, and even if you’re not Nigerian you cannot help but to like this. Flygerian also features mr ransom himself, the young Dotstar aka Lagos Boy, who provides a verse for the younger audience, this offers the track as a whole a lot of diversity and range, I was dissapointed that the original casting was not kept, which had SAS in place of Dotstar, but maybe the song would have too long, either way, this is a unifying classic, with an entertaining video, directed by Jak FrSH, capturing their modern lifestyles with their traditional values, the eagle is an immense addition, an overall great offering.

Ima Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan

"I'ma Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan"

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