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J Will – Deja Vu ft. Wretch 32

With UK hip-hop/Rap and Grime rising heavily and interest increasing across the world, it is now time for the UK to show that we can do R&B as well.

Although considered unknown in the tides of the mainstream, North London’s ‘J Will‘ is definitely rising to the surface with his new single ‘Deja Vu’, featuring one of the country’s most gifted and lyrically talented emcees ‘Wretch 32‘.

Deja Vu is a catchy song without a doubt, and the unique concept only enhances the track’s likability, personally it is Wretch 32’s feature that stands out, adapting to the concept, Wretch 32 really adds depth to the song which already sounds like a hit.

“Maybe could this be another Deja Vu, first you get to know me then we rendezvous, midnight at my apartment..a table for two, you’re so contagious”, sings J Will, his voice is soft and extremely easy to listen to, there are no over-exaggerated attempts to display vocal ability, yet with such ease and smoothness J Will proves his worth as a quality singer. Wretch 32 follows in the same manner as he delivers a smooth verse,

“I’m sayin’ maybe this could be another deja vu, we could rendezvous and end up at the same castle, cah I’m on to you I’ll treat you like the great Arsenal, put you on top of the table and champions league ya, I’m on top of ma game, I bang through the speaker, I’m glad we could team up..love! ..But i feel like I’ve been here before, but this deja vu’s got me feelin’ for more”,

clearly highlighting his status as one of the country’s premier emcees if not artist.

All in all, Deja Vu is a track with a lot of potential to breakthrough into the charts with the right promotion, whilst helping both artists establish a position for themselves among the mainstream’s elite.

Check out his myspace and make sure you listen to ‘Would You Love Me’

See you soon with another big review, I guess you can call it a Deja Vu!!

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