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Meridian Dan – London In The Rain ft. Flowdan

It’s easy to see why so many artists are struggling with their love for the game, as it continues to have their art swept under the tide. Dan is 2 for 2, from his return with Vegan Chat, to this Flowdan featured ode to London.

Relevancy is slowly killing art forms, though Meridian Dan is just as pivotal to the scene today, as he was in it’s last resurgence. In an era where the Independent artist should flourish, it’s become regular to fall short of breaking through the barriers now in place. Unless Giggs is posting it on his IG, or you don’t fork out the funds required to have it placed to optimum levels, it’s very likely that even the best of efforts will become engulfed in the constant avalanche of music rolling each day. This means that realistically, you’re work is not going to be fairly judged and you’re not going to see the return it might well deserve. One or two is a learning curve, but after a while, I can imagine it becoming disheartening, especially if you’ve been in the game for a while, and somewhat of a pioneer at that. A common pattern with artists whom you might consider underrated, are also not in the “mix” of things behind the scenes. If the average person is more inclined to retweet or like your post if you follow them back, you can make some sense of how it must be further up the chain. This might have no relevance to Dan or how he feels, but I just don’t feel the same energy in the roll out (at least). Last video had a premiere party, with a good turn out, it cultivated momentum, something similar would have played it’s part, adding to the consistency of quality. It’s still early as he re-organises and establishes a team and his Always8 imprint, but I think he’s developed as an artist and giving us a mature take on Grime, that should be doing way better. This record and the visuals are proof of that, it’s so different to Vegan Chat yet up there in standard. Produced by SX, it’s a great delivery of expression, with Dan able to really paint a picture (movie even), an honest depiction and appreciated contrast to the typical summer release. Features are always interesting, and nobody can deny what Flowdan does on the riddim, which might not be new to the savvy listener, but it beyond compliments the overall score. Completed by a thermal-theme video, with it’s cold tint, it really amplifies the feel of the song whilst maintaing creativity, something that is often missing from tracks today.

London In The Rain has racked up 30k+ views (YouTube) and 50k+ on Spotify, which (though it might not translate financially) is a great indication to his audience and further potential. Anything is possible, and I know there’s more in the works as he continues to evolve, (as with many artists) I just hope he sees the potential in landing these jabs as much as the haymaker.

“Anything to numb the pain, it’s London in the rain..”


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Meridian Dan – Vegan Chat

The bar has been set for Video of the Year, as Meridian Dan rises out of the fumes of his German Whip.

From undeniably leading the charge of Grime’s resurgence, Meridian Dan had found himself caught between maintaining that sound whilst growing as an artist, two things that don’t often mesh well. Having basically opened the door, you could say he was lost amongst all those that followed after, not because of him or his music, but just the way the game is, a lot of changes and transitions followed, and though he gave us a mature take on Grime, at the time, it was continuously compared to his breakthrough single. Still active, the limelight however had began to fade, with the numbers game churning newer acts, and the support seemed to have followed as such. It’s frustrating for any creative, and at one point, unless you were personally checking for Dan, you would think he was inactive. Where he provided the spark for our music to flourish, it also provided the avenue for sub-genres to re-emerge, UK Rap became more prominent, and almost put Grime to the back. None the less, you can’t keep a good man down, and fast forward to 2019, off the back of presenting Boxing segments and music with the likes of God’s Gift, having switched things up in his personal and professional life, the Meridian legend, brings that new lifestyle and energy into his music with Vegan Chat.

Very few artists still care about the creativity, or production value, especially with their visuals, or maybe that is just their personalities, one dimensional and basic. Not with Dan, those that know or have witnessed enough, will be well aware that he’s a charismatic and funny individual, blended with his pedigree and upbringing, it’s what made him stand out in the first place. I knew he lived a vegan lifestyle, but had no idea what to expect when I came across the title ‘Vegan Chat’ (Was he even releasing music, or was this some new cooking/talk show?!), all I had been told from a close source was, “he’s back”, and they weren’t wrong. Musically, it’s classic Dan, as he lays out the plan and intentions from here on, effortlessly flowing, citing his stance as a person and artist, as he looks to stake his claim as one of the elites.

“I’m a positive guy, I don’t do bad energy..”

Visually, it’s a masterpiece really, from the concept, down to the execution. Shout out to Pierre in the opening scene, safe-guarding the operation. It’s a constant journey, that whilst so different, remains in line with the premise. From the traphouse (bagging up vegetables), into the amazing transition of the joint to the boxing ring, knocked out by the bull, later revealed to be none other than hometown hero Dillian White, into the butcher scene, with Dan playing multiple roles, an ode to his self-sufficiency and the multiple positions he plays in his own career. This video shows more potential for Dan within the acting world, this could have easily been a Guy Ritchie movie, and it only gets more intense, from the slaughterhouse to playing detectives and the underrated scene where he’s torturing what appears to be Ronald McDonald for the hidden meat factories.

Though the video has done well, it most certainly is underrated, and maybe with Giggs’ Big Bad visuals and the impact he has, having somewhat overshadowed it, but when those lists get made in December, if this video is not mentioned, then they can all go fuck themselves really, because Meridian Dan most definitely kicked it all off, and I for one, look forward to what’s next.



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