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Young Spray – Nowadays

After the real returned with his Invisible Tears album, Young Spray is definitely taking shit seriously, kicking off the new year with this new track, Nowadays..

Everyone knows that today anyone can wear a mask and be whoever they want to be over a hard-hitting beat, but the real always prevails, and that’s where Young Spray steps in. One of the original gangsta rappers, Spray brings you more than just hard bars and gangsta content, from a more realistic perspective, there’s gems within, “yeah you need water to live, but trust me blood is the thickest”.

“No banter nah, guns kickin’ like Cantona”

Nowadays is a good take on the current climate of rap, with Spray standing tall against the frauds. Maybe because I’m familiar with what he brings to the game, I would want to hear more of the evolution, but a lot of the new listeners need to know as he looks to reinstate his position as one of the hardest, and this does a bit of both. “UK Rap..I’m the one they used to thank ya’na, cool runnings..but no Sanka darg, You’re more Dhalsim..man a Blanka darg, ya girls pissed cos I blanked her darg..”. There’s definitely more to his rap than just the aggressive drawl that he raps with, and while his rep might overshadow his raps, this year you can expect Mr RTM to make sure that changes.


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