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Young Spray – Realer Than Most Vol. 4

Mr RTM, follows up the classic series, with the fourth instalment.

A compilation of some of the recently released material, kicking things off with DPMO, what can best be described as Rider music, with it’s synth heavy production, it most definitely sets the tone. Compiled with tracks like Nowadays, Be Cautious and Rat-At-At-At, show Spray in his element, and provide the project with a foundation in regards to sound and style. While his album Invisible Tears was a mix of aggressive but more polished tone, this is it’s rawest form.

I wasn’t a fan of the Rita Ora initially, but after a couple listens, I like the steel drum sounds, and it’s contrast, not just with his vocals but the tape overall. Back to the greaze with Savages, a lowkey underground banger, setting up for More Champagne, which rightfully sits in the middle, and is a great idea of where Young Spray is with his music, while it’s predominantly gangsta music, there’s a lot of emotion being expressed. With it’s common theme, tracks like Asbestos stand out so much more, lead with a strong hook courtesy of the feature Frass, it’s definitely one of the highlights and reminiscent of his album material as well as his ability to craft a more club-centric record, but just as you’re in that zone, it switches to Eye For An Eye, with him resuming back to regular transmission.

There is a common theme with RTM Vol.4, a blend of straight punch in the face music, to sit down and open up vibes, with the likes of Most High, followed by Badder Than Bad, before another standout, Do Your Ting. Another example of the versatility within such genre, it’s more expressive, a mix of retrospect and heartfelt from the most authentic of places.

While the majority of the project is more mixtape, rugged, street-themed gangsta rap, it’s these couple tracks that stand out, and end up holding the project together, as we come to the end, one of the more emphatic tracks serves as the outro, the heartfelt, Mummy Won’t Cry. He’s been vocal about the loss of his mother, and you could be the hardest, the coldest, but losing a parent, especially a mother, is a pain like no other. As someone who fears losing his mother, this track has Spray open up and portray his true strength as he poetically reminisces.

It’s not his best material overall, but has some of his better tracks of recent, and more importantly is an indication into the work ethic as he continues to craft audios and visuals, and no doubt there is more on the way. Personally I hope we get more retrospective Spray, as there’s a lot of lessons to be learnt, a lot of wisdom to be shared, that the younger generations can definitely benefit from. Stay tuned, and follow him on the socials, for more to come.


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Young Spray – More Champagne

Mr Realer Than Most has not taken his foot off the pedal, following up his Roadside G’s collab, Rat-At-At-At, with More Champagne..

One of his better tracks, since the breakthrough Amen, More Champagne is less your typical party riddim and more so a retrospective cut, as he washes his pain away with the bubbly. It’s a celebratory anthem, as he gives thanks for life, whilst paying homage and his respects to those he has lost along the way. Drowning his sorrows in champagne, it’s another honest insight for someone who’s last album was titled Invisible Tears. Amidst the crud talk, Spray has really been redefining ‘gangsta’, with his open and transparent rhymes, you get a sense of the emotion he pours out as well as how he may cope with it (emphasising his title as one of the realest).

This will definitely go down well within a live performance, as it’s within context of what you would expect from him but also has that strong party essence. Hopefully DJ’s recognise it’s appeal and spin it within their sets as that would justify it further.

If you fuck with it then make sure you hit subscribe on his YouTube channel as he continues to put the work in.


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Young Spray – Rat-At-At-At ft. Roadside Gs

If you know him, then you know he’s one of the realest, but Automatic Spray looks set to return to the frontline of Gangsta rap, and has shown no signs of slowing down, following up on Nowadays, as he links up with the Roadside Gs.

Rat-At-At-At is a mix of nostalgia, with the addition of Smiley & Phantom (of the Roadside G’s collective), and a more modern take on the aggressive sound that both could be considered pioneers in, which is obvious from how effortless they flow, not only in regards to production, but the content itself. combining the Rap & Grime styles. It’s gritty, greazy and far from weak, all the factors that have had Young Spray recognised as one of the hardest out, and the change of flows courtesy of Roadside G’s help switch things up. This track will really be appreciated more so in a live setting, with it’s charged-up feel..he could come through and make an impact for sure, and it seems he’s thinking as such, with the recent material, as he’s not far from his own headline show.


Also, if it’s your thing, check out his #JailRap series, while many can argue the nature of it, or the correlation between music and crime and all that shit that is for another conversation, he has been using his own platforms to showcase those unable to at the moment. Again, if you know Spray, then it makes sense, as it’s really him trying to give those in negative situations a positive difference. Here’s the latest of the series thus far..

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Calley – No Days Off ft. Young Spray & Shef

Calley, better known as Calibars, has always been praised for his lyricism, however at a time where there was not much light shone on Rap, his style and music struggled to fully connect with audiences. Sometimes, the artist might just be too good with the words and it goes over people’s heads, which was the case a lot of times with him. So now in a new space and a new name, Calley looks to realign himself with the best, and he’s taking no days off..

No Days Off is the motive, regardless of the hustle, the grind doesn’t stop, and after his return with last month’s Doner Rap, Calley’s new track is sentiment to just that (featuring Mr RTM himself..Young Spray and up and comer Shef), as he looks to keep his foot on the pedal. While Doner Rap was straight bars to digest, No Days Off is more of a structured track, with it’s melodic hook and choice of features. Calley himself is rapping with that signature flow that we’ve come to appreciate from him, and though Doner Rap might have been more captivating, this flow blends well with the distinct tone of Young Spray, who matches Calley with a strong verse, as both ‘certi’ rappers further complimented with newcomer Shef, who really holds the track together with his catchy chorus.

Definitely pleased to hear more from Calibars Calley, and if Trap rap sandwiched in metaphors and punchlines is your thing then definitely stay tuned to one of London’s most underrated.

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Young Spray – Nowadays

After the real returned with his Invisible Tears album, Young Spray is definitely taking shit seriously, kicking off the new year with this new track, Nowadays..

Everyone knows that today anyone can wear a mask and be whoever they want to be over a hard-hitting beat, but the real always prevails, and that’s where Young Spray steps in. One of the original gangsta rappers, Spray brings you more than just hard bars and gangsta content, from a more realistic perspective, there’s gems within, “yeah you need water to live, but trust me blood is the thickest”.

“No banter nah, guns kickin’ like Cantona”

Nowadays is a good take on the current climate of rap, with Spray standing tall against the frauds. Maybe because I’m familiar with what he brings to the game, I would want to hear more of the evolution, but a lot of the new listeners need to know as he looks to reinstate his position as one of the hardest, and this does a bit of both. “UK Rap..I’m the one they used to thank ya’na, cool runnings..but no Sanka darg, You’re more Dhalsim..man a Blanka darg, ya girls pissed cos I blanked her darg..”. There’s definitely more to his rap than just the aggressive drawl that he raps with, and while his rep might overshadow his raps, this year you can expect Mr RTM to make sure that changes.


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