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Phaze What – Never Let Your GF

Having only recently dropped Situation, the European champ follows up with another laid back track, Never Let Your GF..

Within a week, Phaze What has another dope cut for his fans, with the rapper continuing to personify cool, and authentic in his approach, over this wavy Jon Phonics production, Never Let Your GF is from the perspective of the rapper, playing on stereotypes as he locks in, “she loves the bright lights flickering, milk bottle looking for your liquorice, dip between them n***az..you Pick N’ Mix”, as always he provides the witty lyricism which may go overlooked with his slick flow, similarly to Curren$y, who people in the past have likened him to.

Expect more to come as the London rapper looks to further establish his style and sound.

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Phaze What – Situation

For those in the know, I work behind the scenes with a variety of acts, and in my A&R mode, have lined up artists with production, most recently WSTRN’s Louie Rei.

Having linked up with one of the front runners of the legendary Piff Gang, Phaze What, through conversation we discussed the reality of artists on the come up, the smoke and mirrors and false perceptions fed to fans, before playing him some production I felt he would suit. He liked one in particular, and I left him with it, only for basically a day later finding this in my inbox.

He’s always been authentic as a person, and that was portrayed through the music, however, on some what of a hiatus, with a couple gems dropped here and there, the European Champion of the rap game really pulled inspiration out of the realities, for this introspective and motivational cut. Phaze flows cool over the soulful production, courtesy of Nottingham up and comer, Ken Samson. Of late, we rarely get songs from such an angle, “still in the box-room..breaking down zeds, still in the bits, came back..but I left, that ain’t right, life hit me with the right..and the left”, he raps, speaking on the come up and his dip in and out of the game, further explaining, “snakes in the grass so I mind where I step, scarred from seeing my grandma die in her bed..”, I had to reload it, as a fan, this was rare, it’s an evolution for the artist, who does not always open to such an extent, following with, “battling my demons…fighting this stress, I’m a looney (luniz)..and I got 5 on that peng, Spark it! Can’t take me for no target, fuck the constable..and sergeant, see..I was going the hardest, then I disappeared like Wembley market”, it’s these local lines that had Brits hold him to such high regard, with the famous market in Wembley closing, leaving many disappointed, much like his fans as he went off the radar during his peak. As to why? He still confident as ever continues, “Real life got on top, but when it’s back to back, man know who’s top of top, sweet 16 make you stop and drop, I’m just waiting to flex like Big Poppa Pop”. It wouldn’t be Phaze without a wrestling reference, he’s been leading that Rap/Wrestling line with the likes of American counterparts Smoke DZA and Wale

I was heavily impressed, as are fans (who have his The Sweet Chin Movie still in rotation), with a good response to this insightful and personal offering. Stay locked with the Undertaker of rap, as he looks to drop more dope for your ears.

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“Hit you wit’ that clothesline..like Luke Harper, and backstrap my plants with the Magna Carta” – Phaze What

Since Piff Gang’s breakthrough, the collective established a variety of waves, and not often credited for. Like some legendary myth, the group are on (I guess what could be described as) a hiatus, as fans hope for them to one day reunite. The members are still active within the scene, ranging from music and fashion. Bringing us to one of the standouts, who I would say is in somewhat of a transition as an artist, as he continues to record, and keep fans eager with the exclusive drops (such as this), with the anticipated follow up project to The Sweet Chin Movie and the Real Spit EP.

“One cheese, One sour, 2Pacs…I Get Around”

Definitely a “zoners”, best enjoyed with some plants, as Phaze What flows cool over some Trip-Hop production from New Machine. I say Trip-Hop, simply as that’s how it sounds feels. You wouldn’t often hear those sounds meshed together, and so crisp, the beat and synths separately sound like their from two different eras, yet they compliment together. New Machine is certainly on the up, as he cements his sound and brand, and you can hear why, providing Heartbeat’s laid-back vibe, on which Phaze What rhymes (what sounds) effortlessly.

“N**gaz hate me like I was Mugabe, real n**gaz love me like I’m Marcus Garvey”

Phaze What is underrated with the flows, similarly to Curren$y, and though the discography is not as vast, (much like Spitta) it is definitely varied. As much as I might want to hear something more upbeat, or for him to tackle a more relevant beat so that others can hear how good he actually is, with this release (amidst the previous), you realise, he has the ability to take you to his world, bring you into his zone. An artist, who pours charisma through clever raps, giving you different styles, all authentic.

Ahead of his time, you never know when the next project will drop, with a couple visuals to come too, so stay tuned to the wave.

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