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Quiñ – Sticky Situation ft. Syd

The Galacticat returns with a new visual (following the release of I’m Good), for her collaboration with The Internet’s lead Syd. Sticky Situation pairs the two vocalists together as they sing over the wavy Krysshun production.

It’s a fairly relatable record, with a theme that is common to some extent, but they really make it so much more than that. Many are familiar with Syd’s beautiful vocals, captivating us as part of The Internet, whilst Quiñ is steadily rising as one of the most distinct talents around, with her soulful tone, both provide a sensual take, on this wavy production, courtesy of the dream girl’s longtime collaborator. There is not much required to be said in all honesty, as the two songstresses with voices as beautiful as their auras unite for an upbeat, feel-good record.

The video, directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, captures Quiñ’s evident beauty (accentuated by outfit choices), with a female love interest, which I liked, and feel odd pointing out as I like it for it’s normality, even if it does happen to be a rare occurrence. With her Dream Girl EP on it’s way, and Galactica still a fan favourite, this will definitely raise more interest, as fans hope for more visuals and sensual vibes for our satisfaction.

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QUIÑ – I’m Good

With her Galacticat album still in rotation, the beauty that is Quiñ returns with I’m Good..

Taken from her forthcoming Dreamgirl EP, I’m Good is not too far off from the sounds of Galacticat, much like the outro/Who Am I, it takes you back up from the clouds, with the angelic vocals, as she reiterates that confidence. I’m most definitely looking forward to this EP, as she continues to sing her way through the fibres of your body and touch the soul.

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QUIÑ – Galactica

To some, they may have seen her in The Internet’s Special Affair video, the beauty shone bright in a monochrome video, but that was just her aura. As her soul proves to be even more beautiful, with the release of this conceptual album, Galactica.

The Aristocats classic tribute is highly appreciated, and maybe because the song was a favourite as a kid, grown me really connects to this. Tempo picks up, for I Am, the album has merely begun and you’re already on another dimension with this experience, her vocals soft, move through you like light, with a warmth like the sun’s rays. “I am Quin, the magnificent (don’t need to remind ya)..”, it’s honest, as she serenades, and only gets better, as you dive deeper into the next track. Sea of Space really accentuates her vocals, that unique tone, it sounds vulnerable yet fearless. As conceptual or abstract as this album might come across, it’s very relatable, and makes for more depth.

Just as you fade away with one song, you’re transported with the other, and while the G-Eazy featured Over Again brings you back to the surface, Solo captivates you back in, and you do not resist. There really is a lack of music with such range, it could be placed amongst the likes of Jhene Aiko and SZA, but from another galaxy.

Math is powerful, it’s a deeper journey, the beat of this song is probably her heartbeat, as her vocals float over the production like smoke on glass. “It’s all good when it’s all bad, been looking all day but it’s all math. Just solve the equation, get it all back..” 

A personal favourite, I’ve found myself listening to Math since it’s release, but it only accentuates how good the entire project is. The album closes out with Who Am I, which though sits well with the project, offers more versatility, like the floating clouds, though it’s the end, it’s sonically bright and I was initially disappointed that the album ended, but as a project, it’s smart, as the listener awaits what’s next.

Track placement is important when creating an experience-like body of work, and I feel that effort was made in that area, as each song plays it’s part throughout the course of this journey that is Galactica.

I look forward to travelling more with her.

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