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Zeph Ellis X DB Sound System – Badmind

I’ve heralded Zeph Ellis (formerly known as Dot Rotten) as one of the most talented musicians in the country, and as much as he may not be at the forefront, he’s low-key very much still adding his magic, working with the likes of Steel Banglez and more recently, DB Sound System..

Badmind makes for a vibezy cut, blending the abstract sounds of Zeph with the cool flows of DB, the trio featuring Skits, Deli & Ash and their varying personalities, it creates for something quite distinct from the regular acts out there today. Not new to the game, they have individually been about for a while, so to see them come together to create something so organically is always refreshing. Skits for example was part of the pioneering Piff Gang (as well featured in Top Boy), and in this instance has the standout with his introductory verse and chorus. It might just be that certain styles do not garner the coverage required, or the audiences themselves have yet to develop to such a level, but DB Sound System definitely bring a realistic approach with their craft. If you’re looking for feel good music, an overall good vibe, then they’re most definitely worth checking out. With tracks like this and their previous efforts (like Bomboleo and One Two Tings), you can expect around the time of their live show to be quite the wave, and it’s that very feel and ‘cool’ essence that they represent.


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Dot Rotten – Organised Grime

I said years ago, that Dot Rotten was the truth, I caught flack, but fuck it, but as an MC and producer, his talent can’t be denied. He’s reinvented himself quite a few times, from Young Dot, to Dot Rotten, after signing to a major label and not liking how things were (especially in that climate, where everything other than conforming was a risk they were not prepared to take), he chose to walk away, integrity intact. The scene was in a reshuffle, and some quality material went overlooked by the masses, somewhat resulting in another evolution, into producer Zeph Ellis. As I said, talent can’t be denied, and he was back on top, contributing to some pivotal Grime moments, providing the instrumental for AJ Tracy’s breakthrough hit Naila. Fast forward and Dot Rotten has resurfaced to bring the balance back.

Now I’m off the radar clearly, as I wasn’t aware of any tension, or I just don’t check for things as such, but with this Organised Grime freestyle, it’s incredibly clear that he’s sending for P Money.

It was some years ago when I came to hear of P Money, who was continuously sending for Ghetto, and though eventually he got his response, and though Ghetts remains untarnished, P did go onto maintain a decent run and carve a name for himself, so with Dot applying the pressure, it’s intriguing to see where this goes. Aside of the send, it’s great to hear Dot in full effect, and as the scene has established itself better, it would be great for him to continue with his style and sound.

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