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Dot Rotten V P Money (thus far..)

I was posting each video individually, then fuck knows what happened, and now there’s four videos out in 2 days. Round of applause for the work rate, and it’s definitely getting better and better. So it started with Dot calling out on Organised Grime, P Money responded with Real Talk and might have won the round, at least according to the people. Dot, clearly anticipating, fired back with his version of Real Talk, and if there was a street fire-esque health bar, then this would have done more damage than the initial.

I have to say, I was not checking for P Money too tough, and with Dot Rotten’s production alias, Zeph Ellis taking prominence…I welcome Dot’s return to the mic, however, this clash has shown me a whole different level to P Money, the strategic lyricist knows what the audience will respond to, and as a result, it’s sounding more refined in comparison to Dot’s rawness. Further proof was P Money’s Liars In The Booth, which dropped before Dot’s reply, and so not only applying pressure, this one took things even more personal, and might have even shifted the battle in some ways, especially with mention of a notable artist who Dot was engaged with, and we know people love to gossip, so her alleged infidelity with other known artists makes for more entertainment. I did appreciate her emceeing ability, so in an ideal situation, it would have been interesting to hear her fire back, but it ain’t that, and she’s removed herself from the scene, and now you can see why. Back to the battle, P Money was not going to slow down, and so he took it even further, with Did You Notice, using Dot’s scheme against him..

They’ve both clearly stung each other, with P Money now being clear in his intentions and discontent, continuing to mock him and have people look at him different, he even ends it with, “man a tactician”.

Just when people thought Dot was done for, he raises the levels back up, maybe even taking it a step further, and as interesting and entertaining it’s becoming for us, the more disrespectful it is for them. To the point, where industry alliances are clearly siding and people are being put on blast. I had no idea who Lusardi Rose was before this, and while I’m trying to respect the women, all these allegations don’t help, none the less, I’m not involved, however, whilst radio personality Sian Anderson chose to clear her name and shared some things regarding ms Rose, she fucked it up for herself with a strange reply, frustrated and hurt I’m sure, but along the lines of, Sian hating because she’s, “a lighty”, and well Sian, “is just..”, that kind of took a whole different turn, and all I’m going to say is big up to Lady Leshurr who intervened to eradicate any form of race or even shade/skin-tone shaming.

Fuck all that, and again, back to the battle, it’s kind of even as P Money has mentioned Dot being signed and a supposed pop move, on Facts, he responds, “I could make an OG look upset, talkin’ bout what did you put in Grime?! When for a whole year you was spittin’ on dubstep”

I found that line amusing because to my knowledge, P Money had the Ghetts battle, then I heard him on dubstep and a lot of people knew of him through that, nowhere near as disrespectful as the other shit said, i.e. Jasmine.

So obviously the “tactician” was far from done, and P Money, having slewed him on women, now hit the next place that would hurt, the wallet, with the new diss entitled, Bruck Beyond Broke

I have to admit, I was well aware of Dot Rotten’s ability, but did not know P Money was this good, and I hope this is doing the same for Dot amongst others that may not have been aware, however, it’s really getting peak. Continuing to mention other artists and producers, P has been able to use them and their relevance to further justify his points. At this point however, they’re both swinging at each other, it’s just about who’s hit causes most damage, and for the first time in this battle, Dot might be leading, especially when he drops another video in the same day, and this time not only takes it back to a rawer essence of Grime, but further raises questions regarding P Money’s credibility, with Steak Bake

Clearly it’s far from over, and while Dot is on holiday, it’s intriguing to see what P Money comes with next, some wild allegations have been made, it’s all bit mad right now, and while Little Dee has been vocal that despite the claim, P Money took care of him whilst he was in prison, and I’m aware that Dot had a line in Reading, so there’s hits and misses on both sides I guess, but more than anything, man ain’t enjoyed a back and forth for a while, amidst the negativity or disrespect, it’s one of the best displays of ability, and so for us, the spectators, we welcome more.

Are you not entertained?!.

*UPDATE* ..While Dot was apparently enjoying a vacation (though he’s insinuated it’s far from over), P Money remained on the mission, with another two. In this video, the first track is almost as if he switched up a gear..

While I Got Bars reignites things, Man Like Peri throws even more fuel to the fire, with more (alleged) insight into incidents regarding the two, more so a supposed altercation in a particular Nandos. It may appear that interest has cooled in the “beef”, it usually does until any physical altercation transpires, but this is clearly far from over, as Dot Rotten absorbs this energy in order to unleash his Spirit Bomb..

With the DBZ influenced track, Dot answers all the allegations and rumours, “How could Izzie buy me chicken and chips..when I’m a vegan”. As the smoke clears from the last dub, Dot appears unscathed and commences to unleash his own, hence the Spirit Bomb title, and if you’re listening then you will really hear the layers and depth, and always on a different frequency, Dot seems to have a renewed outlook as he even speaks on it towards the end of the track. I forgot about the whole battle and was enjoying the Dragonball Z references and realise it’s a shame that it took for this for us to really hear this Dot again. Things have clearly got personal between the two, and as neither have really taken any damage (to their rap game health bar), it’s become a sort of sluggers, and really opens up discussion as neither look to be falling anytime soon.

It’s still happening, thought it may not have the people as locked in, there’s still something to be admired of the ability and work rate that goes into all this, with P Money continuing to raise the bar and fuel the entertainment, this time supposedly obtaining documents, assisting to his take on on Dot’s credibility with Shut Up Blud..

Continuing to cement his point with the assistance of recordings of Dot Rotten himself, it sure does help emphasise his case, with the flurry of points and reasons adding to the onslaught. HOWEVER, how within an hour of that videos release, Dot managed to put together, record and upload his reply, responding with The Truth Part 2:

Aside from the fact that this was done within an hour, Dot manages to reply to the slander and attempts to taint, elaborating on the topics in question and points raised, including what really happened with his deal (and the alleged issues with DJ Semtex). This “beef” has certainly highlighted both individual’s abilities for sure, and people can only hope that this work ethic and level continues beyond their disputes and into their music in general. Though it has thought to be understood that all this is drawing to a close, it would be to no surprise if this is not the last we hear.

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Dot Rotten – Real Talk (P Money diss)

It’s going off on the roof *Kano voice*

As P Money continued to apply the pressure, with his recent Liars In The Booth it was not long until Dot replied back. The saga took a different turn as P got even more personal, raising the anticipation for this reply further..

Dot Rotten levels up in this response, further stating some domestic claims, defending the criticism placed upon him. As much as a lot is being said, and there is a strong conviction, and Dot is barring. In regards to a battle, where the fans decide, P Money was smart in his delivery, and it does seem to be working in his favour, as the people are still seeming to side with him, but this is far from over and Dot is only just warming up.

By no means was this response not on par, it’s just a different style, and so not everyone’s cup of tea, and though nobody wants it to spew out of the studio, but regardless, this back and forth is entertaining.

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P Money – Liars In The Booth (Dot Rotten diss)

Well, it’s all getting a bit peak. Not long after his fire reply, P Money shows no signs of slowing down..

In true battle form, P Money gets even more personal, as he applies the pressure, with a whole EP dedicated towards what appears to be..his mission to end Dot. Though I believe in Dot Rotten’s ability, P Money has shown new levels and strategy as he uses this to his advantage. It will certainly take something special from Dot Rotten to combat thing as they stand.

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P Money – Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)

What’s a diss track without a reply?

Not long after Dot Rotten emerged with his send for P Money, the man himself returns fire..

Now whilst I was just pleased to hear Dot return to the mic, the lyrical disrespect clearly hit a nerve, as with the quickness, P Money put together the response, with the video too. And if you thought Dot Rotten got personal, well P took it that much further. At this point you have to remove any bias and watch the battle unfold, and it’s this exact energy upon which Grime has surfaced. Since it’s release, the people are clearly leaning towards P Money at the moment, but a good reply tends to trump the initial send most times. Personally, I have to admit, P Money’s response was impressive, but to me he came into the game through such dubs, so it’s a comfort zone for him if anything.

Dot has since commented on Social Media, but honestly, now the people are only interested in a replies. Although we just want to enjoy the competition, Jammer might want to put the funds up as such a main event is fitting for Lord of The Mics.

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Dot Rotten – Organised Grime

I said years ago, that Dot Rotten was the truth, I caught flack, but fuck it, but as an MC and producer, his talent can’t be denied. He’s reinvented himself quite a few times, from Young Dot, to Dot Rotten, after signing to a major label and not liking how things were (especially in that climate, where everything other than conforming was a risk they were not prepared to take), he chose to walk away, integrity intact. The scene was in a reshuffle, and some quality material went overlooked by the masses, somewhat resulting in another evolution, into producer Zeph Ellis. As I said, talent can’t be denied, and he was back on top, contributing to some pivotal Grime moments, providing the instrumental for AJ Tracy’s breakthrough hit Naila. Fast forward and Dot Rotten has resurfaced to bring the balance back.

Now I’m off the radar clearly, as I wasn’t aware of any tension, or I just don’t check for things as such, but with this Organised Grime freestyle, it’s incredibly clear that he’s sending for P Money.

It was some years ago when I came to hear of P Money, who was continuously sending for Ghetto, and though eventually he got his response, and though Ghetts remains untarnished, P did go onto maintain a decent run and carve a name for himself, so with Dot applying the pressure, it’s intriguing to see where this goes. Aside of the send, it’s great to hear Dot in full effect, and as the scene has established itself better, it would be great for him to continue with his style and sound.

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No Hats No Trainers Cypher 2

After the success of the first edition, No Hats No Trainers bring you the the 2nd Cypher, this time featuring Dot Rotten, Calibar, Black The Ripper & Mz Bratt.

Dot Rotten kicked it off flawlessly, portraying his mind through lyrics effortlessly,

Calibar, one of the most underrated rappers in the UK, made no mistakes with this effort, balancing reality and his style with a smooth delivery,

Black The Ripper, considered by many a “potential legend in the game”, delivers another reality check with the upmost of confidence.

Mz Bratt took a stride over a lot of the male emcees with this cypher, personally i expected it, this leading lady spun a few heads with the content easily.

What i like about this cypher is that i don’t believe this was anybody’s best, but then i know their potentials, but without a doubt a great effort from each artist.

UK Stand Up!

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Dot Rotten & Ice Kid

Taken from Tim Westwood’s crib sessions:

I am a fan of both of them, in all honesty when I first saw the famous video of Chipmunk & Ice Kid, I was more impressed with Ice Kid as far as content and his mindset, although younger..I could still relate, he has obviously improved, as has Dot Rotten and they use this set as a stage to display that.

Both Dot Rotten and Ice Kid are extremely talented, sometimes there are artists who are too advanced, ahead of their time, everybody is looking to take the next step forward in their careers, with talent like this in their ammo, both Dot and Ice Kid are fully prepared for their journey to the top.

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North London’s Marvell have released their second free downloadable mixtape ‘Marvell FM 2’ leading up the release of their debut The World Is Ours EP.

If you like Grime then you should definitely download this, if you do not like Grime then you should still definitely download Marvell FM 2!!

The trio are bringing something back to music, lyrical content is on another level, concepts are from their minds which represents ours so it does not sound manufacturerd for us but rather made by one of us. It is fun, it is youthful, for a free download they have given away some quality material.

From the intro (courtesty of the hilarious Shocka), the first track is ‘Lemme Av A Go’, listen carefully to Double S, his word play is seriously outstanding, more than once I find myself going back like “Did he just say that?!”, ‘Baby Its Ok’ is another up-tempo for the ladies that the guys will appreciate, They even remixed Jeremih’s smash ‘Birthday Sex’, personally I criticise these remixes but I actually like this one. On ‘Finally Time ft. Dot Rotten’, they display their desire and hunger to be successful amidst set backs, ‘Otherside of The Rainbow’ is similar, it highlights their ambition, with Vertex, Shocka and Double S equally shining. ‘Star In The Sky’, another one for the ladies, a potential next single even, leads up to the official UK remix for Drake – Successful ft. Trey Songz, that is the official remix. Next is ‘Going In 32 Part 2’ featuring Griminal, a beast of a beat on which they do not dissapoint. You also get to hear the remix for Aggro – Free Yard as well as an exclusive freestyle set with the Movement (Wretch 32 & Ghetts).

Marvell FM 2 is a successful improved sequel to Marvell FM. Marvell (consisting of Shocka, Double S & Vertex) bring unity, talent, desire and so much more as a total package, if the industry looks for talent then these three will be signed, but if the industry is looking for a group with a buzz that has hot singles for them to profit on then they still will get signed.

Destined for success, it’s Marvell again.

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Click Cover to Download MARVELL FM 2 (FREE)

Click Cover to Download MARVELL FM 2 (FREE)

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Dot Rotten ..UK Stand Up!!

This has been up on Youtube for a while but not everyone seems to know of it, therefore I decided to share it with you all (as part of a new segment ..’UK Stand Up!!’)

Dot Rotten is one of the brightest prospects in grime (and UK music in my opinion), as we know the new breed are certainly making waves throughout and at incredible speed (for example: Chipmunk and Marvell), I believe that they are taking full advantage of the doors that the artists before them have helped open, regardless, the young talent in recent times has cast a shadow over some of those before them.

This is an example of what our country has to offer, Dot Rotten on the Tim Westwood show, No gimmicks, no rehearsals, just a real guy and real lyrics, the level of talent is incredible, concept, lyrics and flow, I’ve watched this clip uncountable times, it already has 96,130 views and rising.

Many label heads will watch this and judge on appearance and tone of voice, but someone who appreciates music will understand and see the talent! ..Support the rising scene and the plethora of talent that we have in the UK.

..UK Stand Up!!

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