Scorcher – I Know

After North London’s Wretch 32 silenced critics with the release of his album ‘Wretchrospective’ (It’s a Classic..Trust me!!), the time is now for fellow emcee ‘Scorcher‘ to unleash his talent upon the mainstream.

It is a tough challenge to create a radio-friendly song whilst maintaining street credibility at the same time, however, with his first single ‘I Know’ Scorcher has dealt with the challenge almost effortlessly.

‘I Know’ is one of the most versatile tracks to come out of the UK for a long time, expect to hear it on the radio, your friends ipod, the club and on your TV! A pacey track armed with a mean synth, layered over one of the most hypnotic drum patterns, this might as well be considered as a map to the mainstream, once there, the charismatic Scorcher’s talent itself will help him unlock and enter to gain the recognition he truly deserves.

Not much has to be said as the video says it all, good song, great video, impressive but expected from such a prospect, the past has shown glimmers of what to expect and now with the release of his album ‘Concrete Jungle’ on the way, i guess the sky is not even the limit for the Sky walker himself.

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2 thoughts on “Scorcher – I Know

  1. Calvin says:

    the tune is toughh love it

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