D-Boy – Loveless

I came across this track and artist even after interviewing the singer Sef, looking into it, I came across this track and I’m actually feeling it, featuring Sef himself so obviously i’m biased to the chorus as i’ve been a big fan of Sef since So Solid days.

The track is good but what is best about it is the fact that it documents a real life issue and D-Boy really comes across well, for what it represents, Loveless is a good tune and deserves more exposure.

NOW, whoever knows me, knows I’m a big Wretch 32 fan, so to find out that Wretch 32 and sef are on the same track, I can’t even explain my reaction when i found out about this song.

compared to the first version this is more serious, Wretch 32 brings more to your ears than just words, metaphors and a recognizable voice, Wretch 32 brings feeling, remeniscent of his track ‘My Life‘ (click the link to hear), Wretch 32 is truely a gifted emcee, and he demonstrates this in Loveless, many can put words together but only few can convey feeling and emotion. The video is different too, together with the track it stands out, I feel that anything I say does not represent the song to its fullest, emotional to say the least, it is honest and emphatic, the scene and music in general needs more songs like this.

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