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My favourite track from his new album – CATCH 22

The album itself is a fusion of Electronic, Grime and Alternative, it has many different elements to it, but they manage to fit together as a whole, a very energetic, feel-good album.

Tinchy Stryder – Spotlight ft. Tanya Lacey:

‘Spotlight’ is my standout track from the album, production wise, it is bass and synth heavy, electronic sounding instruments blended with sharp acoustic sounding drum kicks, there is a lot happening but it does not sound over the top, reminds me of an old Stryder favourite of mine, ‘Dance 4 Now’, it almost sets a scene, you do not need a dance for this, you just move with the vibe, it has a dark element to it, which helps Tinchy Stryder’s voice stand out and sound prominent, whilst the organ sounds compliment the track like a flame to a candle. Track 4 off Catch 22, Spotlight is another potential chart topper, I could not see many people disliking the song, it has so much positive energy, the beat is so well constructed and Stryder flows almost effortlessly over it with confidence and ease like only Tinchy Stryder can. Tanya Lacey’s vocals boost the track and provide an extra feeling, Spotlight perfectly captures Tinchy’s position as a star in today’s music industry and not just in the hood.

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Tinchy Stryder – Dance 4 Now:

I have to admit, I was gutted not to find Finish Line ft. Sef (Produced by Music Kidz) on the final release,

however, It does not make the album any less, as Catch 22 is 18 tracks of cross-over frenzy, the album is cleverly crafted, there are a lot of behind the scenes situations that as an audience we do not know about, taking all that into consideration, this album is impressive. Tinchy Stryder will always represent Grime and UK music even he features on a Country song, this album shows how ahead of his time he really is, sure people will find negatives but that is the Catch 22 in itself, I think Tinchy Stryder has done enough in his career so far to earn him the respect and the chance to experiment with his sound, doing so, with Catch 22 he has not dissapointed.

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 (OUT NOW!!)

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 (OUT NOW!!)

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Zee Kay – In Denial

As you know, I’m always listening out for good music, I come across an artist by the name of Zee Kay, he looked familiar, then I remember that I met him at the video shoot for Sef – Need A Hero ft. Swiss. The talented yet humble singer, had officially made his debut with the single ‘My Moment’:

In all fairness this was not a bad track, with the right promotion I think it could have gone further, but as an introduction to the artist, it was a good effort. That was released last Year in August. Fast forward to 2009 and Zee Kay returns with the follow-up, titled ‘In Denial’:

Different from My Moment, In Denial sees Zee Kay lace a more edgy, up-tempo club track with his soft R&B sound, similar to the early classics from Artful Dodger In Denial sounds good. The concept helps it stand out, with Zee Kay showing his songwriting abilities, he wrote the track Baby for Ginuwine:

Zee Kay is another addition to the rising singers the UK has to offer alongside artists such as Loick Essien and Bluey Robinson.

Click image to visit the Official Zee Kay website

Click image to visit the Official Zee Kay website

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UK R&B Sensation Sef is set to release his new mixtape ‘The Hero Never Dies’ on the 4th of August, a Music Kidz exclusive, the mixtape will be available via the official Music Kidz site.

‘The Hero Never Dies’ is a chance for all to hear the talent for themselves, as for those that already know, they can hear more exclusives from the elite singer/songwriter before the TBC Release of his highly anticipated album ‘Every Piece Of Me’, A collection of new videos will be dropping soon, with the first to be premiered next week on MusicKidzTV

We are dropping a Sef mixtape exclusively for Sef fans, I want the world to recognize the talent we have and that are coming from Music Kidz World.” – Mr Shabz (Founder and Producer, Music Kidz)

Here is Sef’s latest video for the summer smash, NEED A HERO featuring Swiss:

Stay tuned for more, You know OneFáris will have all the exclusives for you!!

Click The Link To Visit Official Site

Click The Link To Visit Official Site

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SEF – Need A Hero (D-Boy Remix) ft. Des-C

Sef teams up with Des-C for the D-Boy remix of his summer smash ‘Need A Hero’.

I first heard this at the video shoot and instantly knew this was another hit just by the sheer impact alone, I don’t even see this is a ‘Bhangra’ remix, it has that essence to it and you could argue that it is made for that audience, however, D-Boy cleverly crafts the remix with a blend of sounds which together offer a universal appeal, it stays true to its roots yet embraces an all round fun feeling. Des-C brings his own twist and does it well, providing a good contrast to Sef’s vocals. This D-Boy remix is almost addictive, the partial sample and the bridge of the song really give the remix it’s own individuality, separating it from most remixes and at the same time displaying D-Boy’s evident talent.

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SEF – NEED A HERO (Official Video)

A OneFáris & Music Kidz exclusive:
The Official Video Premier for Sef – Need A Hero ft. Swiss

Firstly, A shout out to Music Kidz!! ..Founder and Producer Mr Shabz, K1, Sef, Swiss and the whole Music Kidz team, they have put in a lot of hard work over the years, continuing to do so, as they create good quality music and represent the UK, so once again congratulations with the new video as we look forward to much more success in the near future! We’re ‘Born To Do This’.

The video is looking good, most definitely adds to the single, It’s a variation in style, look out for the cameos from the likes of Romeo, Zee Kay and Megaman. Just Like the single itself stands out among commercial R&B, so does the video, with the visuals emphasizing the audio well encorporating the feel good atmosphere as Sef saves his damsel in distress, I’m looking forward to seeing the video regularly on TV.

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SEF – ‘Need A Hero ft. Swiss’ video Coming Soon

The video for this summer’s banger Sef – Need A Hero featuring Swiss is set to be available for you all to enjoy exclusively on Music Kidz TV this sunday!

Music Kidz founder and producer Mr Shabz has a message for you all:
“Hey our people, Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone in the Music Kidz Wold and for those who have just entered..WELCOME.
This Sunday (21/06/09) we’ll be posting the UK’s most anticipated R&B single of the year so far…SEF ‘Need A Hero’ featuring Swiss. We’re very excited as this is Music Kidz first R&B project. This is an official exclusive for all OneFáris readers. Keep it locked and do subscribe! 1ove (One love).”

In the mean time, check out a clip from behind the scenes, so you know how BIG this video is!!

Music Kidz – Born To Do This!

Click the Link to visit the Official Music Kidz site

Click the Link to visit the Official Music Kidz site

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So I’m back from the video shoot for Sef – Need A Hero, it was crazy to say the least, A big thank you to all those who showed love and support, but I just want to share this with everyone, as a fan I’m excited about this…. The UK’s most successful Urban collective, the So Solid Crew are making a return, with each member branching out into successful solo careers many people wondered what had happened, however, Megaman himself has declared to give the fans what they have been waiting for …a So Solid Crew album!! ..at present it is considered the last one as a collective but regardless..they are ready to take over once again!!

So Solid!

So Solid Crew

So Solid Crew

PS, Footage from the video shoot will be posted soon!!

Music Kidz – Born To Do This

Starz Up!!

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Sef – Takin’ Over

I do not understand how people still do not know about Sef, undoubtedly one of the best singers in the country, so I decided to share more with you all.

He originally broke onto the scene as part of the phenomenon that is So Solid Crew, he is now part of Music Kidz (founded by Mr Shabz, the producer behind many of So Solid’s hits including ‘Haters‘) who are signed to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation.

A new album from Sef is on the way, the first single is Need A Hero (video to be filmed soon), not many people know but Sef was signed to Atlantic records and has worked with the likes of Platinum selling Robin Thicke and singer/songwriter Sean Garret (who has written for Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears and Beyonce to name a few), so the talent he possesses cannot be denied.

This track is titled Takin’ Over,


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How many artists can actually say they have performed on the Top Of The Pops??…

..Sef can!

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OneFáris is about entertainment, not just music.

So look out for a broader variety of reviews and exclusive interviews (look out for interviews with comedian on the rise Kevin J, super-talented Bluey Robinson, representing the ladies..Lady Ny, Roc Nation & Music Kidz artist Sef and many more..soon!)

Hope you’re all good, much Love, Respect and Peace!!


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Sef – Need A Hero ft. Swiss

The former So Solid crew singer is back to claim his spot as one of the UK’s finest talents.

After creating a buzz with the single ‘Out of the Ghetto’, Sef has truly delivered with the follow up ‘Need a Hero’. Upbeat and definitely one to have the heads nodding, using a video game-sounding sample over a slick beat adding a few synths and strings, with the singer lacing the beat with his vocals, letting his damsel in distress know that he’s here to save her from her heartbreak. The addictive chorus just flows smooth as he sings:
“Girl You Need A Hero..Someone who is just like me, A Hero..Who can give you what you need, I’m just trying to show ya, Baby I’m the one for ya, I was sent just to love ya, I’m your Hero!”
Featuring the additional vocals of emcee Swiss (Also of So Solid fame) who from the sounds of it has stepped his game up, certainly giving the song more depth. ‘Need a Hero’ really stands out amongst the majority of the current commercial R&B songs in this country. Certainly a hit for Sef and the Music Kidz team who are back with a banger!!

..They are shooting a video for it very soon, Shout out to Shabz the professor, Sef and the whole of Musik Kidz, keep making those hits!!

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