Ginuwine – Last Chance

Yes, you read that right, Ginuwine is back!

With competition so high these days, Ginuwine was Usher’s biggest rival in terms of R&B Performer, then the arrival of the likes of Omarion and Chris Brown came and even the rise of Justin Timberlake forced Ginuwine to sit back a bit.

Now with Chris Brown having to step back, Justin creating his own lane, there seems a vacancy, or atleast one last chance for Ginuwine to try, so he returns with Last Chance.

I like this song, it reminds you while you liked Ginuwine in the first place, his voice cannot be matched with anyone else and by the looks of it, he still has some moves, I always felt that he was a better dancer than Usher, he was just more Prince than Michael, which means commercially Usher was always going to get more exposure.

The video features cameos from Tyrese and Lisa Raye, this track and project even is completely unexpected as I was waiting for the TGT (Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese) project, but I’m not complaining as Last Chance has Ginuwine singing like it literally is his Last Chance, his relevance as an artist may not be the same, he is older and the audience is a lot younger but he has never let that be a problem before (Think back to ‘Differences’)

His previous album ‘Back II Basics’ was not received as well as I felt it should have, it had tunes such as ‘Shes Like’ and ‘I’m In Love’, yet it did not help secure his status nor have an impact as big as ‘In Those Jeans’.

It has been a long journey for Ginuwine since his arrival with Pony, but don’t count him out, Last Chance has every chance to be the career saver that he needs, real Ginuwine fans remain loyal but whether he can gain a new set we are yet to see, if any song will do has to be Last Chance.

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