Loick Essien ..UK Stand Up!!

I was listening to Chipmunk – Beast ft. Loick Essien and wondered what other tracks Loick has, so found his myspace and there were two songs I had never heard, ‘Idol‘ and ‘Transformer‘, so I clicked play and began listening…


It has a classic R&B feel, classic like something you would hear on an Usher album, a couple seconds in and it is sounding like an Usher song itself, not in the way of copied but more so in the way of presence and feel, it felt similar to Usher – Moving Mountains but better even, Loick sounds like a veteran the way he stretches notes and flows over the track so effortlessly.

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The concept alone is amazing, the track itself does the idea justice. The beat possesses a futuristic feel, the tempo is mellow and very R&B, Loick Essien commands the track perfectly with this complex delivery, the vocal effects in certain areas such as the chorus are minor but add depth to the song, I really like this song and will be confused if Loick Essien does not get received well in the USA…these tracks are that good!!

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I’m looking forward to hearing more from Loick Essien, these two tracks sound really good, they are comparable to the works of The Dream and Tricky Stewart, who together have a large collection of hits, on their own and projects for other artists, Loick as an artist has a lot of potential and if he continues to deliver songs of this quality and better, will no doubt be among the best in the business. Look out for Loick Essien, another young, British R&B talent ..UK Stand Up!!

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3 thoughts on “Loick Essien ..UK Stand Up!!

  1. aadhi says:

    it has a usher in him

  2. faris says:

    agreed, more so in the sense that he has the quality and sound of an R&B veteran.

  3. Trey says:

    yup, I majorly agree with you, wow his music are so uplifting and powerful, looking forward to his new songs.

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