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Juelz Santana – Back To The Crib ft. Chris Brown

Juelz Santana launches his Def Jam career with Back To The Crib ft. Chris Brown:

Juelz Santana took the apparent ‘risk’ in turning to Chris Brown to feature on the record, however this so called gamble seems to have paid off, musically atleast, simply as Chris fits the record well and helps broaden the track’s appeal in regards to audience.

Produced by Polow Da Don, who seems ready to launch another successful Chart take-over, he has done it before, producing hits for the likes of Keri Hilson, Usher and Chris Brown himself (for his new album Graffiti). Issues aside, I like the record, the chorus is catchy, the beat is infectious as it is, an overall hit record feel, a track that is radio friendly whilst being almost guaranteed to be played by a DJ towards the end of his set. The video is simple and fun, it has a good feel-good vibe and i’m sure it will be another successful record for Santana.

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Gucci Mane – Spotlight ft. Usher (Official Video)

I guess you can say Hip-Hop’s man of the moment, Gucci Mane makes his official mainstream debut after snatching the underground crown with his sets of mixtapes and guest verses (most notably his recent appearance on the remix for Mariah Carey – Obsession), here is the new single, Spotlight:

Produced by Polow Da Don (who seems destined to return back to his dominant ways within the charts), this catchy record is made for the radio, the clubs and no doubt will make it onto many iPods, featuring Usher, it possesses an Atlanta feel with a mainstream vibe, it helps welcome Gucci Mane into the mainstream safely, Usher does well, he provides the song with a much needed assurance, an extra appeal. All together this is a good record, many can enjoy it with its broad concept. The video is a good look, similar to Usher’s U Don’t Have To Call video, none the less a good visual for the record.

Gucci Mane is currently riding a wave of success throughout the charts and Spotlight looks set to be his mainstream initiation as he embarks on an even bigger career.

Mr "So Icey" himself, Gucci Mane

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Mario – Break Up ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett

After gaining major recognition worldwide with his single ‘Let Me Love You’ (Written by a then unknown Ne-Yo), Mario never really managed to maintain his status, issues with the release of his last album did not help. None the less, his talent is unquestionable as he returns putting those problems (including his mother’s drug addiction) behind with his new offering ‘Break Up’.

Produced by Bangladesh (Lil’ Wayne – A Millie and Beyonce – Diva), this R&B cut possesses that old school R&B feel that has been missing whilst sounding brand new, featuring Sean Garret aka The Pen (having written for Usher – Yeah, Chris Brown – Run It and Beyonce – Upgrade U to name a few) and rising underground rapper Gucci Mane (who helps balance the R&B levels with his raw, street style), Break Up will most definitely help push the trio to newer heights, especially Sean Garret who due to a lack of promotion saw the poor sales of his debut effort Turbo 919 (Which is a good album so make sure you check that out).

Mario’s return displays a more mature artist attempting to create good music rather than his next hit, with dedication like this it will not be long before he gets another smash, with Break Up rising in the charts, who knows..he may find it sooner than he thinks.

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Robin Thicke – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Tribute)

I know there have been a few and will be many more tributes to come, One of the most popular is The one with The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy and BoyzIIMen, there is also an amazing one by UK’s own Sway, but the following gives an idea of something I thought of yesterday.

I wondered that rather than refunding the tickets for the 50 shows, would it not be good if the best in the industry performed the classics in tribute, the likes of Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Usher, Ginuwine, Sisqo, Justin Timberlake, Omarion and even Chris Brown, then i began to think which songs they could cover (Who deserves to perform Billie Jean?), then I came across this clip of Robin Thicke singing to Human Nature in tribute and I guess that is the song he could perform, seeing as he does it so well.

Here is another version:

After watching this I think Chris Brown’s voice would be best suited to perform ‘In The Closet’:

But then he has already (sort of) performed Billie Jean (05:18), Although I still think Usher or Ginuwine are more suited:

Let me know what you think, would it be a good idea? ..if so, who would you like to see and covering which song?

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Chris Brown – Not My Fault

I have always been one to put Artists’ private lives separate from their music, R. Kelly went into overdrive with his music after accusations of him and an underage girl surfaced, I applauded his work, same goes for Akon, Michael Jackson (RIP) and even George Michael, the Music is what matters to me. So, on that note, it is only fair that Chris Brown is given a chance, I don’t condone hitting a female at all, however I am in no position to judge, so music it is.

Produced by the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) and featuring Pharrell himself, Not My Fault leaked out as Chris Brown attempts a come-back. The song is not bad, if anyone could resurrect Chris Breezy’s career then it is Pharrell, Rumours have circulated that Pharrell and fellow Virgina native and super-producer Timbaland are set to join forces, creating a record label even named ‘Two Up, Two Down’ to launch a Virgina artist, Chris Brown is from Virgina and often makes two V’s and is heard saying, “Two Up, Two Down”,

Listen at 03:26:

Nothing is concrete apart from the fact that Chris Brown is planning his re-arrival onto the scene.

‘Not My Fault’ is not a bad way to come back, it will take more but this would serve as a good album track, it would pass off as a prosperous single (if accompanied by a good video). The production aspect of Not My Fault is a typical Neptune’s sound in all honesty, similarities to some of the Neptune’s previous work with Usher are evident, which is not entirely a bad thing. Use of digital sounds blended with live percussion gives the song an edge, the layers and their varying sounds really give the song its direction which Chris Brown nicely harmonizes with. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Chris Brown as he attempts a return, Not My Fault shows that there is hope for the young star.

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Loick Essien ..UK Stand Up!!

I was listening to Chipmunk – Beast ft. Loick Essien and wondered what other tracks Loick has, so found his myspace and there were two songs I had never heard, ‘Idol‘ and ‘Transformer‘, so I clicked play and began listening…


It has a classic R&B feel, classic like something you would hear on an Usher album, a couple seconds in and it is sounding like an Usher song itself, not in the way of copied but more so in the way of presence and feel, it felt similar to Usher – Moving Mountains but better even, Loick sounds like a veteran the way he stretches notes and flows over the track so effortlessly.

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The concept alone is amazing, the track itself does the idea justice. The beat possesses a futuristic feel, the tempo is mellow and very R&B, Loick Essien commands the track perfectly with this complex delivery, the vocal effects in certain areas such as the chorus are minor but add depth to the song, I really like this song and will be confused if Loick Essien does not get received well in the USA…these tracks are that good!!

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I’m looking forward to hearing more from Loick Essien, these two tracks sound really good, they are comparable to the works of The Dream and Tricky Stewart, who together have a large collection of hits, on their own and projects for other artists, Loick as an artist has a lot of potential and if he continues to deliver songs of this quality and better, will no doubt be among the best in the business. Look out for Loick Essien, another young, British R&B talent ..UK Stand Up!!

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Sef – Takin’ Over

I do not understand how people still do not know about Sef, undoubtedly one of the best singers in the country, so I decided to share more with you all.

He originally broke onto the scene as part of the phenomenon that is So Solid Crew, he is now part of Music Kidz (founded by Mr Shabz, the producer behind many of So Solid’s hits including ‘Haters‘) who are signed to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation.

A new album from Sef is on the way, the first single is Need A Hero (video to be filmed soon), not many people know but Sef was signed to Atlantic records and has worked with the likes of Platinum selling Robin Thicke and singer/songwriter Sean Garret (who has written for Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears and Beyonce to name a few), so the talent he possesses cannot be denied.

This track is titled Takin’ Over,


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How many artists can actually say they have performed on the Top Of The Pops??…

..Sef can!

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