SEF – ‘Need A Hero ft. Swiss’ video Coming Soon

The video for this summer’s banger Sef – Need A Hero featuring Swiss is set to be available for you all to enjoy exclusively on Music Kidz TV this sunday!

Music Kidz founder and producer Mr Shabz has a message for you all:
“Hey our people, Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone in the Music Kidz Wold and for those who have just entered..WELCOME.
This Sunday (21/06/09) we’ll be posting the UK’s most anticipated R&B single of the year so far…SEF ‘Need A Hero’ featuring Swiss. We’re very excited as this is Music Kidz first R&B project. This is an official exclusive for all OneFáris readers. Keep it locked and do subscribe! 1ove (One love).”

In the mean time, check out a clip from behind the scenes, so you know how BIG this video is!!

Music Kidz – Born To Do This!

Click the Link to visit the Official Music Kidz site

Click the Link to visit the Official Music Kidz site

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