Nore – Move (Remix) ft. Jim Jones & Nina Sky

There is always this one song that just stands out and you cannot help but to move to, you somehow annoyingly like it, this is one of them.

Nore has a hit on his hands, Move will no doubt be on heavy rotation on radio and in the clubs, Jim Jones is sounding back to his best, still fresh from the success of the critically acclaimed major debut Pray IV Reign, Jones’ bounces in sync with the beat as he flows a wavy verse, Nina Sky’s vocals make a big difference (I hope they come back soon…I kind of like them), they balance the song well. Move could be considered as a ‘Lean Back’ part two, although different, the effect feels the same, just a more laid back and cooled version.

I like this and will be looking out for more remixes as I know many rappers will want to be on a track with such a buzz, definitely a good song, one that will surely help Nore to further success with the release of his new album.

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