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Dave East – P2

The talk of New York, Dave East has been a force of late in the resurgence of New York rap, an authentic artist with modern aesthetics yet true to the ol’ skool rules, with elements of the greats, he has been rapping his way through. Yes he has found himself a lot more attention from the ladies for more than his lyrical abilities, but it doesn’t dilute his music in the slightest. If anything the more a radio-friendly single aimed at the ladies is expected, the more grittier and darker his content is. He came to attention with the release of Black Rose, news of him signing to the legendary Nas’ MassAppeal imprint further raised his profile, but it’s his authenticity that has kept his ascend. It was not long before it was announced that he had partnered with Def Jam, bringing us the more introductory Kairi Chanel EP, leading us to what became his highly anticipated project, Paranoia: A True Story. I enjoyed the project, and though it was considered that there was not as much label support (amidst there changes), East was not deterred, instead announcing the sequel for the top of this year, and with no expectation, he released P2:

While it is very early to call it, I have to admit, this is his best project thus far, and I’m throwing it in the potential album of the year, as he sets the bar for the year. More in his zone, P2 is heavily armoured with motivation, the missing art of storytelling, flows, bars, production and substance throughout.

Very rarely can you listen to an album of late from start to finish, let alone 15 tracks. From the Talk To Big intro, as he flows smooth, “I got n**gas that’s never coming home, bitches say they love my music…don’t know none of my songs”, it sets the tone of the project. “I need some shit I could feel…nobody touch me, I say I’m meant to be here, the doctor say that I’m lucky”. 

From Prosper, the Tory Lanez featured Woke Up, and Powder, it almost tells a story, of desire, commitment and success, before one of the standouts, Corey. Dave East is one of the best storytelling MCs out right now, and the lyrical journey is really enjoyable (down to the skit at the end), more so for those that can relate to such relationships. P2 almost serves as another level of the rapper proving himself and he continues to improve, so does his versatility, proven with a track such as Thank You, it’s lighthearted, catchy and not one bit sounds like he’s conforming or reaching, as he thanks his haters. I Can Not gets back to the aggressive sound we’re accustomed to, setting up for Annoying, which features an impressive verse from T.I. (who continues to body his features). Next up you have another standout, What Made Me, which is his ode to the rappers before him and their influence, incredibly infectious and dope..especially if you’re familiar with the legends he’s naming. Violent sees the return of one of New York’s unsung heroes, Lloyd Banks, but personally it’s overshadowed by the following song, I Found Keisha, the follow up to one of Dave East’s popular story-themed records, Keisha. It’s more so the lyrical picture painted, with the captivating flow. It’s a strong record to have towards the end of an album, and whilst the Bino Rideaux (All $ In) featured Maintain will find itself bumped loud out of cars and headphones, it’s not as soulful as Never Been, where Dave reflects of his life prior to the current success, leading to a similar but even more sentimental and heartfelt outro in Grateful featuring the emphatic vocals of Marsha Ambrosius.

I’ve found myself listening to the album thoroughly, even since Drake dropped Scary Hours, I still just press play on P2 and enjoy. It’s definitely looking promising for Dave East, who is yet to release a full-scale debut album, but he’s definitely close and if P2 is anything to go by, he is definitely living up to the buzz around his name, rightfully, as New York and bars ain’t going nowhere so long as Dave East is about.


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“I’ve been boxing with my demons, ’til my knuckles turn purple..” – Gunplay

Don Logan returns with the sequal to his introspective classic Bible On The Dash

Part 2 might not be as impactful as the original, but it definitely has the same feel and authenticity, as the underrated wordsmith vents out with a slight growl, painting a picture with a similar emphasis to DMX. (If they ever do a Hip-Hop Honours for X, they gotta have Gunplay perform Slippin’).

It frustrates me as a fan, that Gunplay has not been able to deliver with the same consistency, and cement his presence. This track really provides some hope though, as the multilayered rapper reintroduces himself to audiences who might not have been paying attention as much. With this track, he (open as always) pours on his battle with mental health, friends locked up and substance abuse, but it’s not a lost fight, as he speaks, “I need some Percocets, no I need some self-control”. As outcasted as he seems to become, he sits in a unique space between the likes of Gucci Mane and Joe Budden. Despite his versatility, the dark music definitely helps shed light on the realities, and thus make him an important part of the spectrum.

With a new appreciation for lyricism in motion, it’s a good time for Jupiter Jack to return, either way I’m certainly hoping for a follow up to Living Legend.


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Juelz Santana – Back To The Crib ft. Chris Brown

Juelz Santana launches his Def Jam career with Back To The Crib ft. Chris Brown:

Juelz Santana took the apparent ‘risk’ in turning to Chris Brown to feature on the record, however this so called gamble seems to have paid off, musically atleast, simply as Chris fits the record well and helps broaden the track’s appeal in regards to audience.

Produced by Polow Da Don, who seems ready to launch another successful Chart take-over, he has done it before, producing hits for the likes of Keri Hilson, Usher and Chris Brown himself (for his new album Graffiti). Issues aside, I like the record, the chorus is catchy, the beat is infectious as it is, an overall hit record feel, a track that is radio friendly whilst being almost guaranteed to be played by a DJ towards the end of his set. The video is simple and fun, it has a good feel-good vibe and i’m sure it will be another successful record for Santana.

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4th July, My Birthday!!

As today is my birthday, I thought to share some birthday themed tunes, could only find three though:

Obviously, this song always does the trick at birthday parties, “Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday..”, next is a more unorthadox choice:

Like I said, unorthadox, however the next and final one is the most obvious, most probably the first song that comes to mind when it comes to ‘birthdays’:

Oh and as a random bonus:

Take care World!

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Nore – Move (Remix) ft. Jim Jones & Nina Sky

There is always this one song that just stands out and you cannot help but to move to, you somehow annoyingly like it, this is one of them.

Nore has a hit on his hands, Move will no doubt be on heavy rotation on radio and in the clubs, Jim Jones is sounding back to his best, still fresh from the success of the critically acclaimed major debut Pray IV Reign, Jones’ bounces in sync with the beat as he flows a wavy verse, Nina Sky’s vocals make a big difference (I hope they come back soon…I kind of like them), they balance the song well. Move could be considered as a ‘Lean Back’ part two, although different, the effect feels the same, just a more laid back and cooled version.

I like this and will be looking out for more remixes as I know many rappers will want to be on a track with such a buzz, definitely a good song, one that will surely help Nore to further success with the release of his new album.

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Kanye West – Amazing ft. Young Jeezy (Video)

A good song from a good album, been waiting for a while since I found out that this was the next single to be taken from 808’s & Heartbreaks.

Kanye West has been raising the bar in terms of standard for music videos of late, his video for Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi had people in a frenzy (and confusion until they realized that it was meant to distorted). This video, far different from the last, but just as much of an impact, it perfectly represents the track, with dark shots, exotic locations, basic effects yet the end product is a joy to watch.

Visually, it speaks more and uses minimal shots, the jungle theme fits the sound effects in the song, with both Kanye and Young Jeezy at their best. Not much has to be said as the video speaks for itself but it is just as inspirational as the song and undoubtedly another classic by Mr West.

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