With around two million myspace views between them, trend setters Boya D and Sas K are established names within the underground, as part of New Brand Flexx, the talented duo have been at the forefront of creativity and innovation as artists in the UK, with hits, shows and adolation in their ammo, it is only fair for them to take a shot at the mainstream.

Having already seen SasKilla perform a few freestyles at a recent video shoot, I kind of knew what to expect, even then he further impressed me, they say two things that an artist needs to be successful is charisma (character as a person, something that fans can take to) and talent (obviously, the main product), Saskilla has both and plenty of it, the best thing about this set however, is Boya D unleashes the flow I knew he was keeping reserve and that was the highlight for me.

this Westwood set features two new artists, who do well, it shows the realness of Boya and Sas, to bring acts through. For me personally the star was Boya, simply because I did not expect it, together both Boya and Saskilla have every reason to make it to the top, this set underlines their versatility, away from loud colours and party tracks, they show that they can emcee at the highest level.

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