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Dot Rotten & Ice Kid

Taken from Tim Westwood’s crib sessions:

I am a fan of both of them, in all honesty when I first saw the famous video of Chipmunk & Ice Kid, I was more impressed with Ice Kid as far as content and his mindset, although younger..I could still relate, he has obviously improved, as has Dot Rotten and they use this set as a stage to display that.

Both Dot Rotten and Ice Kid are extremely talented, sometimes there are artists who are too advanced, ahead of their time, everybody is looking to take the next step forward in their careers, with talent like this in their ammo, both Dot and Ice Kid are fully prepared for their journey to the top.

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Black The Ripper – My Lyrics are Forever

During a recent trip to New York, I asked the locals which artists in the UK they knew about, I wanted if they have the same exposure that we have of their artists. The majority knew of Tim Westwood and used words to describe him that I can’t really say but you get the point, Dizzee Rascal it seems is the most famous prospect over there, I was hoping someone would say Wretch 32 or Ghetts, however that was not the case, for ages we have had Hip-Hop dedicated radio shows, our own awards ceremony ‘the Brits’ and ‘Mobo’ give out awards to more overseas artists than homegrown, the likes of Tinchy Stryder(that was before the recent awards) Ndubz and Chipmunk are changing that I agree, however if we can know about the likes of Currency, Wiz Khalifa and Slaughterhouse here in the UK then why do they not know of our talent?

There are a few reasons, their population is far larger which means more rappers, so everybody is too busy following what is ‘hot’ rather than having a real passion and allowing themselves to be naturaly inspired by a wide variety of influences. The Duo of Mega and Mayhem, better known as SAS were another name I heared a fair bit, could be due to their once affiliation with Dipset and Rocafella records, or just the fact that they have put the work in over there.

This article/review is to silence anyone who argues that the UK does not possess the talent or the fact that it is because of our dialect, as Americans have a different accent to us yet for years we have been listening and supporting.

After hearing this track, I felt the same feeling that I would get from listening to Wu-Tang, or even Rakim, Black the Ripper aka Samson takes it back, the production is Hip-Hop, it possesses the feeling of a classic, the potential is amazing, A real music fan anywhere in the world can appreciate this, Black the Ripper is talented and is clearly not phased by the problems many face to progress into mainstream, he celebrates the idea of being underground, using the internet to reach his audiences, he has come a long way through his own hard work and ambition, expect to hear a lot more of this artist because real talent can never be denied!

Fáris Rating:

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Over 1 Million myspace views!!

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Jay-Z – Run This Town ft. Rihanna & Kanye West

Run This Town

I heard this a while ago and I let my expectations get the better of me, so the song itself did not impress me, at the time I thought it was a weak effort with big features, without sounding so critical (though I am) I just felt that they could have created something better, however, I left the song for a while, let the hype settle a bit and the other day I was listening to Tim Westwood’s show and he played this and it stood out among the commercial saturated BS that currently floods our airwaves.

I think it is easier for Jay-Z to make original music because he has cemented his name within Hip-Hop and Music as a whole. Even he has admitted having to ‘dumb’ his lyrics down, so he understands how hard it is to satisfy and be successful commercially, surely as the once President of DefJam records he understands how hard it is for an artist to get a deal, there are those that make music for the love and they’re the successful ones but then when an outsider sees Pharrell Williams rise to stardom creating beats using digital sounds, songs that as a listener he likes, he will follow that, so it is expected, just like with fashion, you see Kanye Wear a pair of glasses..millions rush out to get the same pair, yet you criticize them and want them to be creative, even though you cash in on dictating their lifestyle, maybe if those that create ‘Real’ music are offered the chances that their talents deserve rather than seeing it handed over to someone who label execs beleive will gain major sex appeal from the opposite gender, and people will follow and support them equalling into good profit.

Back to the song, Produced by Kanye West, Run This Town is a powerful stage for the three artists (each successful in their own right), the only person that could have made this anymore powerful would be Beyonce in place of Rihanna. Kanye compiles the heavy drums with the edgy guitar nicely, it sounds raw yet clear, I hope Drake makes his version of this as I reckon he would do the beat justice. Taken from Jay-Z’s highly anticipated album ‘BLUEPRINT 3’ (completing the Blueprint trilogy), the first Blueprint is considered a classic so Jay had a lot to do in order to top it. After releasing DOA (Death of Autotune) he managed to create quite the buzz, Run This Town brings the buzz surrounding Jay-Z towards his coming album (perfect marketing), I still believe that both Jay and Mr West’s verses could have been better, yet it’s obvious that Jay-Z had audiences in mind, the catchy flow does what it is meant to, you cannot help but to rap along, Kanye West dissapointed me, the verse is good but that is the problem, maybe it will grow on me after a few more listens but I wanted to hear that out of this world ‘did he actually say that’ rhyme, Rihanna’s voice does fit the song, would have been good to hear a short verse or even bridge from her, as it becomes repetetive and boring after a while.

Run This Town is a good song, I just feel that it could be so much better, I’m looking forward to the video, hopefully the visuals can sway me to like it more, until then it is a raw commercial track, the only negative really is that it becomes repetative and boring (mainly due to Rihanna’s part), besides that it is not bad (I will be annoyed if it gains major rotation on UK Radio and TV instead of some of the better homegrown tracks and videos that should be played)

Look out for the review when the video is released

Fáris Rating:
[It’s almost an 8]

Kanye West, Rihanna and Jay-Z on the set of the video for Run This Town

Kanye West, Rihanna and Jay-Z on the set of the video for Run This Town

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With around two million myspace views between them, trend setters Boya D and Sas K are established names within the underground, as part of New Brand Flexx, the talented duo have been at the forefront of creativity and innovation as artists in the UK, with hits, shows and adolation in their ammo, it is only fair for them to take a shot at the mainstream.

Having already seen SasKilla perform a few freestyles at a recent video shoot, I kind of knew what to expect, even then he further impressed me, they say two things that an artist needs to be successful is charisma (character as a person, something that fans can take to) and talent (obviously, the main product), Saskilla has both and plenty of it, the best thing about this set however, is Boya D unleashes the flow I knew he was keeping reserve and that was the highlight for me.

this Westwood set features two new artists, who do well, it shows the realness of Boya and Sas, to bring acts through. For me personally the star was Boya, simply because I did not expect it, together both Boya and Saskilla have every reason to make it to the top, this set underlines their versatility, away from loud colours and party tracks, they show that they can emcee at the highest level.

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If you have read the previous posts then you would have read my opinion on Teezy, he has all the potential to make a big impact on the mainstream, Teezy possesses many strengths in terms of entertainment value, already known as an outstanding performer, however, his recent appearance on the Tim Westwood show, offered Teezy a platform to prove that dancing is not his only talent.

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Dot Rotten ..UK Stand Up!!

This has been up on Youtube for a while but not everyone seems to know of it, therefore I decided to share it with you all (as part of a new segment ..’UK Stand Up!!’)

Dot Rotten is one of the brightest prospects in grime (and UK music in my opinion), as we know the new breed are certainly making waves throughout and at incredible speed (for example: Chipmunk and Marvell), I believe that they are taking full advantage of the doors that the artists before them have helped open, regardless, the young talent in recent times has cast a shadow over some of those before them.

This is an example of what our country has to offer, Dot Rotten on the Tim Westwood show, No gimmicks, no rehearsals, just a real guy and real lyrics, the level of talent is incredible, concept, lyrics and flow, I’ve watched this clip uncountable times, it already has 96,130 views and rising.

Many label heads will watch this and judge on appearance and tone of voice, but someone who appreciates music will understand and see the talent! ..Support the rising scene and the plethora of talent that we have in the UK.

..UK Stand Up!!

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Marvell – Make Noise

The Marvell boys return with the much anticipated video for their single ‘Make Noise’ (Out 1st June).

Marvell have been making a name for themselves within the underground scene for a while now individually and as a collective with mixtapes such as Late Arrival, Moneys Da Motive and the latest offering Marvell FM, each one receiving high praises for it’s combination of innovation, creativity and entertainment values.

Make Noise is the first single to be released, and the single itself is making a lot of noise as they rise further up in the game. The video is already a regular on TV, with many requesting the video proving they have a strong following.

The track is compiled with a beat that makes it’s presence known, a synth that brings pace into the track, perfectly complimented by the flow from all three emcees, Shocka leads and delivers another metaphorically driven verse, full of lyrical ability and wit, Vertex then steps up and delivers on point, obviously the fasted out of the three (if not the fastest in the scene) Double S runs side by side of the melody with the third verse adding heavily to keeping the impact of the song consistent from start to finish. I really feel that it has the same attributes as Kano – P’s & Q’s in terms of cross-over appeal, Marvell manage to come across aggressive whilst maintaining an ear-friendly sound.

Visually, directed by Vertex himself (who notably also directed the video for The Noisettes – Don’t Upset the Rhythm), it is a combination of professionalism and a youthful mind, it provides the same enjoyable feel as the track and therefore the two compliment each other, complete with effects and an Eddie Kadi cameo, Vertex is certainly making noise as one of the best prospects in the direction field.

Overall, Make Noise will is set to elevate the fly boys to further heights, they certainly deserve it with the hard work and determination that they put in but more with the talent they possess and the quality material that Marvell is delivering.

For those who need more persuasion of how good Marvell are, here you go:


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Pure Badness!!

2008 saw the release of Wretchrospective from Wretch 32, on that classic was a Diamond of a track by the name of ‘Ina Di Ghetto‘, it featured Grime veteran Ghetto aka Ghetts and Birmingham’s own ‘Badness

Although both the Wretchroboy and Ghetts were on point and delivered quality as expected over the Maniac produced monster track, Badness offered the most catchy part with his delivery of the chorus, since then Badness has been working hard pushing his name and quality music to the public’s ears. Now 2009, I personally did not know what to expect from Badness, a recent appearance on Radio 1’s Tim Westwood show helped establish Badness as a serious artist with a serious talent!

Tracks such as ‘I Know This Girl’, ‘Split Personality’ and ‘Take The Title’ (Available to hear at www.myspace.com/badnessmc) show his array of ability vocally as well as his lyrical skill.

Badness is an animated artist on the mic, blending strong culture, street life, making it enjoyable and without a doubt entertaining.

With the ‘PA/LAVA Eruption’ project out on the 16th of March (Go Cop that!!), Badness will cement his place as one to watch as he continues his rise to the top with his fusion based music, a pioneer even, I can see Badness help many similar artists get the attention and recognition that they need.

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