Goodfellaz – Get Away ft. So Solid

I recently got the ‘Goodfellaz – Now or Never’ mixtape and was impressed. It is simply UK Hip-Hop, something rarely mentioned, as if UK only does Grime (in terms of urban).

This was the stand out track for me, from production to lyrics, Get Away really is a powerful track. The beat obviously has a big part to play, the heavy bass and sharp drums lay as a solid foundation on which the synth sits nicely. Goodfellaz emcee with a Fabolous (the rapper)-like consistency with Megaman adding some depth to the anthem with his verse.

Linked with So Solid, so the video obviously has to be something big, lavish and large in scale, directed by Sheridan de Myers, the video fits the song well without being too complicated, Goodfellaz may be underrated but they are certainly not untalented.

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