Bless Beats – The Rain ft. Charlie Brown & Wiley

This track has been around for a bit, already played on most radio stations, created by Bless Beats, one of the most promising producers from the UK, having produced the smash Wearing My Rolex for Wiley, this track sees the Bow emcee return the favour along side newcomer Charlie Brown.

The track is a mid-tempo cross-over, it could be considered Grime, but then Charlie Brown’s unique soulful flavour takes it to a more Pop/R&B surrounding. Bless Beats choice of sounds justifies his ‘Alien music’ style, the real magic of this song is the fusion of both Wiley and Charlie Brown’s different styles onto one beat.

I’m a big fan of Charlie Brown, as he represents real music, unique and distinct, his voice separates him from others. To see him dominate the video is a plus point, definitely a good look for him and an unselfish manouvre by Bless Beats, a man who has let his music do the talking throughout his successful career thus far. Wiley unfortunately does not make an appearance in the video, however, “Can Rihanna come and save me from the rain”, as Charlie Brown’s love interest leaves, what seems like Rihanna (the tattoos are the biggest clue) comes into his life courtesy of Bless himself, if it is really her or not we will have to wait and see but it is a really good touch to the video.

A good video for a great song, The Rain will no doubt be another successful track for Bless Beats whilst elevating Charlie Brown to greater a heights.

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