OneFáris Throwback Track!!

Today’s Throwback Track is from 2003, yes 6 years ago!! ..and the track is Marques Houston ft. Clubbin ft. Joe Budden & R. Kelly (Produced By R. Kelly)

Marques Houston’s first single as a solo artist, not many people knew that it also featured R. Kelly (Credited as Pied Piper ..only God knows why?!) along side Joe Budden. Clubbin’ was written and Produced By R. Kelly as well, it was part of a new wave of hits from R. Kelly as Kellz locked himself in the studio during his allegations and trials.

“You know we be…Up in the club
Where we do things like…Throw our hands up
All kinds of drinks are…Off in the cups
All of my thugs, Honies show me love
DJ playing the cuts”

Marques Houston could not have had a better first single, this was on heavy rotation at radio stations, on tv and in the clubs around the world, Joe Buddens feature is classic Buddens, clever, catchy and comical. Combined with R. Kelly’s sheer production greatness (including his hollering ad-lib in the back) this song sounds just as good now as it is did 6 years ago.

Fáris Rating:

“Great song, not sure about this suit though”:

MH didn't think investing in a stylist was neccesary

MH didn't think investing in a stylist was neccesary

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