T.I. – Remember Me ft. Mary J. Blige

As the ‘King of the South’ starts his ‘Year and a day’ jail sentence, he leaves us with this anthem featuring none other than Mary J. Blige.

Produced by Polow Da Don (Usher – Love in This Club), this inspirational mid-tempo track provides T.I. with the perfect canvas to paint his lyrical picture as the Grand Hustle rapper vents some feelings regarding his own situation whilst inspiring others to stand strong regardless of how strong the negative winds in our lives are. Featuring Mary J. Blige, who commands the chorus like nobody else, the only other person that could have done it is Mariah Carey, however, with Mary you have a far more urban edge as well as that mainstream appeal.

It is a shame that one of the best artists is having to be locked up for a year, but I’m in no doubt that it will only lead to what might just be the best album of his career for T.I. when he returns. In the mean time he has another hit to add to his already large catalogue. Remember Me is a classic sounding song, with a real meaning from one of the realest artists who will be missed).

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