OneFáris Throwback Track!!

Today’s throwback track is a personal favourite, you know those songs that you just know word for word? this is one of them for me!

BabyfaceThere She Goes featuring Pharrell Williams

Featuring a pre-N*E*R*D Pharrell Williams, There She Goes is taken from the Babyface’s album Face2Face (Released 2001), this track represented the album as it was a more experimental effort from the soul singer, The Neptunes contributed with another track ‘Stressed Out‘ providing the album with it’s overall direction.

It is a rare sound from Babyface which is why it had such an impact, however, some embraced and others were not sure what to say, it was so unexpected, Pharrell at the time was not the Superstar he is today and so it was a brave move, but in the name of music they pulled it off well. Compiled of multiple synths layered onto the signature Neptunes’ beat, the beat really holds the tempo as the assorted sounds help add some variation and really brings the track out. Babyface who had not approached such a track before, really croons over the edgy synth with ease, his voice helps balance Pharrell’s raw falsetto which as a whole helps give the track plenty depth.

There She Goes still sounds as good as it did 8 years ago, as Pharrell (and Chad Hugo) continued to re-define the sound of hip-hop, Babyface reached out to them, the link up with such a highly regarded Grammy winning artist allowed The Neptunes to dominate R&B with their breakthrough sound.

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Babyface - Face2Face album cover artwork

Babyface - Face2Face album cover artwork

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