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Clipse – I’m Good ft. Pharrell Williams

The clipse return with the newrelease from their forthcoming album ‘Till The Casket Drops’.

Clipse - I'm Good

Clipse – I’m Good ft. Pharrell Williams:

I’m Good is pretty much a laid-back, feel-good track, a summer chillout tune. Typical production courtesy of the Neptunes, which is not a bad thing because it will compliment the rest of the productions by the neptunes on the album which also features production from the likes of Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and DJ Khalil (He produced Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West).

I think this will be a success (in the USA at least) for the simple feel good factor that it possesses, it has a element of fun to it, I can see many people catching onto the vibe and I’m sure even Pharrell and the Clipse (at the time of recording) visioned people cruising in their cars playing this. You have to give the Neptunes credit for creating a song that captures the feeling of a true summer. I think it’s impact is subdued to the fact that the video for Kinda Like A Big Deal was put out first, that was more of a strong statement so people took notice.

I’m Good is like the title..Good, definitely one to add to your summer soundtrack.

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Now to wake you up,

Clipse X Kanye West X Kaws - Kinda Like A Big Deal

Clipse – Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West:

The DJ Khalil produced anthem really gave the Clipse a good entry back into the game, with the heavy feature from the self proclaimed new ‘King of Pop’..Kanye West. Pusha T & Malice really stand out lyrically, which is what they are ultimately known for, so to be on level with Mr West can only help the Virgina duo reach more success. I’m Good was good, Kinda Like A Big Deal is to be honest kind of like a big deal, the real record i want to hear is ‘Popeye’ featuring Cam’Ron, that is said to be the one, so good that it is being kept securely.

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OneFáris Throwback Track!!

Today’s throwback track is a personal favourite, you know those songs that you just know word for word? this is one of them for me!

BabyfaceThere She Goes featuring Pharrell Williams

Featuring a pre-N*E*R*D Pharrell Williams, There She Goes is taken from the Babyface’s album Face2Face (Released 2001), this track represented the album as it was a more experimental effort from the soul singer, The Neptunes contributed with another track ‘Stressed Out‘ providing the album with it’s overall direction.

It is a rare sound from Babyface which is why it had such an impact, however, some embraced and others were not sure what to say, it was so unexpected, Pharrell at the time was not the Superstar he is today and so it was a brave move, but in the name of music they pulled it off well. Compiled of multiple synths layered onto the signature Neptunes’ beat, the beat really holds the tempo as the assorted sounds help add some variation and really brings the track out. Babyface who had not approached such a track before, really croons over the edgy synth with ease, his voice helps balance Pharrell’s raw falsetto which as a whole helps give the track plenty depth.

There She Goes still sounds as good as it did 8 years ago, as Pharrell (and Chad Hugo) continued to re-define the sound of hip-hop, Babyface reached out to them, the link up with such a highly regarded Grammy winning artist allowed The Neptunes to dominate R&B with their breakthrough sound.

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Babyface - Face2Face album cover artwork

Babyface - Face2Face album cover artwork

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Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love

With the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) set to make another major impact with their up-coming projects, I found myself listening to old Neptunes productions, seeing (Yes, I see sounds) the transitions they made, the change of styles. So I began posting the best vids on my facebook fansite, then I got to this track and I felt that it deserved a review.

I prefer the remix featuring Lupe Fiasco, however, this video is too crazy to not show you all. Hype Williams behind the camera so obviously you expect something special and in some strange way it actually is. Different is the word that comes to mind, the visuals, the angles, it appears random yet fits the concept perfectly.

The track itself, produced obviously by the Neptunes, for such a topic it is really upbeat, ‘Say Goodbye To Love’ has Kenna singing about his pain as he turns his back on a unsuccessful relationship, this has to be the best song to get back up from a ‘love’ knock-down (before Kanye West – Love Lockdown)..”You Choooooose”

The arrangement is the key here, the way the sounds are placed and layered, it just has that up-tempo party vibe, although the content is not, placed with the well-crafted video you can understand the message and feeling being put across.

A classic song is always one that is so good it can break a genre-barrier, this song happens to do so, not greatly, but just by Kenna assisted with the Neptunes’ virsatility alone, Say Goodbye To Love manages to stand out.

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Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love (Remix) ft. Lupe Fiasco:

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Pitbull – Blanco ft. Pharrell

Pharell Williams is obviously associated with big beats and hit records, however, along with Chad Hugo, The Neptunes have always had a special relationship with Miami rapper Pitbull, proof of this special collaboration comes along as they team up once again this time for the Fast & Furious 4 soundtrack with the song Blanco.

The track is a lively party song, it has a fast flowing feel-good factor to it, Pharrell providing the hook, Blanco looks set to bubble up nicely to surface in many clubs and house parties alike.

Blanco has been given a boost with the ‘fly on the wall’ style video, an almost ‘life in the day of’ concept, as we follow Pitbull through a crazy night, filled with hot woman and plenty of drinks. Fitting the high lifestyle shown in scenes during the new Fast & Furious movie, this song compliments those moments in the movie extremely well, almost perfectly.

The video has a mix of excitement and humour to it, which only emphasises the feeling that the song puts across, Blanco will most likely be on many people’s summer playlists.

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