Aaliyah (Jan 16, 1979 – Aug 25, 2001)

Today makes it 8 years since the passing away of Aaliyah, despite new artists coming through, her loss is still just as evident, heres to someone who was truely beautiful, someone who will live on forever in our hearts and memories through her music. I remember the day I found out, as if it was yesterday, a little me was awake at night listening to Trevor Nelson’s R&B show, I had heard the ‘rumour’ earlier, but when Trevor Nelson confirmed it, I was shocked, I did not know her personally, yet the soul and emotion she poured into her music, her voice, her presence, you just could not help but to feel like you had some connection, Death is never a good thing, however it is a big part of life, so rather than morn her absence, we celebrate her life and legacy.

RIP Aaliyah, truely One in a Million…

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