As a writer, one of the greatest satisfactions is seeing somebody who you tipped for a bright future to be embarking on that journey to success, I was always confident of Bluey Robinson’s imminent success, with talent and charisma in abundance, it is just a matter of when rather than if. So, forward a few months since I first presented him to you all and his single I Know is in the Top 20 Music Week Urban Club chart, being heavily rotated on radio playlists, performing abroad and now I come across this:

ITN have been making efforts to stay in touch with our young talents on the rise, interviews with Bashy and Chipmunk already, so they clearly are making all the right moves as they now got this exclusive. I have been unfortunate to miss out on Bluey’s live performances but the reviews will not stop coming in, it is literally a case of hear him and you love him, anyone who does not like him has not heard him, it is simple as that. Even the talented Mr Ryan Leslie took note and produced this remix:

In my line of work I am intouch with a lot of artists, some are underground successes and some have dominated the mainstream too, within that it is expected to meet a few egos here and there, now with someone of Bluey’s talents it is almost strange that he remains so humble, so down to earth and thankful and that is why he gets so much respect from me, I see him as a younger brother and would help him however I could for him to succeed (he truly deserves it). A lot of people have mentioned how “there is all this rubbish on radio and not real talent”, well, his work ethic and his desire is flawless and in time he will reap the benefits of it all, however, we as the fans need to support these real artists, the real talents, requesting them on radio and legally downloading or purchasing their music are some of the ways we can all help.

Another acoustic performance/interview:

Support real talent and good music, Support Bluey Robinson!!

Click image to visit Bluey's official Myspace

Click image to visit Bluey's official Myspace

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