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Bluey Robinson – About To Blow

In association with RWD magazine, Adidas and London 2012:

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G-FrSH – Tears

Brand New OneFaris EXCLUSIVE:

Exclusively for the OneFaris readers, this latest offering from G-FrSH:

A more personal record, Tears has G-FrSH displays his poetical ability, I say poetical and not lyrical as some of the things said are truely poetry, this was a side to G-FrSH that not many have been exposed to, not to take the concept personally but rather admire his creativity and evident ability within his craft.

“I couldn’t forget you if I tried, ‘cos even if I died, I’d have a place in hell..where I could see your angel eyes”, starting with such a line is a big risk, unless you happen to be as gifted as G-FrSH…who puts words together better than carol vorderman (think about that one) and with the countdown (make sense now?) to his Legoman mixtape soon approaching, this is a taster of what to expect. If you look at all his past videos to date, you will see the quality, therefore expect another big video for this record (the images used for the video above are stills taken at the official video shoot).

The track also features Bluey Robinson, who obviously does not dissapoint, however it is a feature and therefore people should not expect to hear too much of him on the collaboration. 2009 has been a great year for G-FrSH who has risen through the ranks thanks to his undeniable talent but also his high work rate and consistency, so expect even bigger things from FrSH entertainment in 2010.

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Mz Bratt – Who Do You Think You Are

The UK’s leading emcee is more than a ‘rapper’, she is an artist, a role-model, an inspiration and more so a positive voice for females.

Who Do You Think You Are is her debut single and it is a banger!!

Produced by Terror Danjah, this multi-genre anthem has elements of electro and grime perfectly fitted within an edgy beat, capable to start any party, the synths are well placed upon a hard-hitting beat allowing Mz Bratt to shine with her lyrics and evident charisma.

I like the video a lot, it is youthful, fun and portrays the song’s overall feeling, with it’s vibrant scenes and bright colours, this visual beautifully compliments the song. With cameos from the likes of Superstar in the making Bluey Robinson, Terror Danjah, Wretchroboy Wretch 32, Bashy, DJ’s Ras Kwame and Viz, Double S, Cyko Logic and Donae’o among others, a great video to contrast a great song.

I expect big things from Mz Bratt, capable to shine as bright in the mainstream as she has done within the underground circuit, this track deserves even more recognition, (you know a song is good when even as a guy you find it catchy). She is a strong woman, who carries herself well, an inspiration to many young girls around the world, a far better role model than the likes of Brittany Spears and Beyonce (You can tell them I said that). Mz Bratt has every reason to succeed at the highest level, her recent FREE mixtape ‘Give it to em vol. 2’ is a small indication of the talent she possesses fused with her easy to love character, I have not even mentioned the fact that she is absolutely stunning, this naturaly beauty and her natural talent is definitely set to make her mark within the industry.

Mz Bratt - Who Do You Think You Are? ..OUT NOW!!

Mz Bratt - Who Do You Think You Are? ..OUT NOW!!

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The superstar in the making has begun his journey with some live performances,

His status is rising rapidly with each performance.

A dedication to Michael Jackson:

A tribute to Boyz II Men:

He has come a long way in a short space of time and that it is all down to his talent, desire and determination, the only way is up for this singer.

Remember ..his debut single I KNOW is available on iTunes 28th sept so make sure you support him and get that.

here is a live radio set for Radio 1:


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As a writer, one of the greatest satisfactions is seeing somebody who you tipped for a bright future to be embarking on that journey to success, I was always confident of Bluey Robinson’s imminent success, with talent and charisma in abundance, it is just a matter of when rather than if. So, forward a few months since I first presented him to you all and his single I Know is in the Top 20 Music Week Urban Club chart, being heavily rotated on radio playlists, performing abroad and now I come across this:

ITN have been making efforts to stay in touch with our young talents on the rise, interviews with Bashy and Chipmunk already, so they clearly are making all the right moves as they now got this exclusive. I have been unfortunate to miss out on Bluey’s live performances but the reviews will not stop coming in, it is literally a case of hear him and you love him, anyone who does not like him has not heard him, it is simple as that. Even the talented Mr Ryan Leslie took note and produced this remix:

In my line of work I am intouch with a lot of artists, some are underground successes and some have dominated the mainstream too, within that it is expected to meet a few egos here and there, now with someone of Bluey’s talents it is almost strange that he remains so humble, so down to earth and thankful and that is why he gets so much respect from me, I see him as a younger brother and would help him however I could for him to succeed (he truly deserves it). A lot of people have mentioned how “there is all this rubbish on radio and not real talent”, well, his work ethic and his desire is flawless and in time he will reap the benefits of it all, however, we as the fans need to support these real artists, the real talents, requesting them on radio and legally downloading or purchasing their music are some of the ways we can all help.

Another acoustic performance/interview:

Support real talent and good music, Support Bluey Robinson!!

Click image to visit Bluey's official Myspace

Click image to visit Bluey's official Myspace

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Zee Kay – In Denial

As you know, I’m always listening out for good music, I come across an artist by the name of Zee Kay, he looked familiar, then I remember that I met him at the video shoot for Sef – Need A Hero ft. Swiss. The talented yet humble singer, had officially made his debut with the single ‘My Moment’:

In all fairness this was not a bad track, with the right promotion I think it could have gone further, but as an introduction to the artist, it was a good effort. That was released last Year in August. Fast forward to 2009 and Zee Kay returns with the follow-up, titled ‘In Denial’:

Different from My Moment, In Denial sees Zee Kay lace a more edgy, up-tempo club track with his soft R&B sound, similar to the early classics from Artful Dodger In Denial sounds good. The concept helps it stand out, with Zee Kay showing his songwriting abilities, he wrote the track Baby for Ginuwine:

Zee Kay is another addition to the rising singers the UK has to offer alongside artists such as Loick Essien and Bluey Robinson.

Click image to visit the Official Zee Kay website

Click image to visit the Official Zee Kay website

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Bluey Robinson – I Know

The ultra-talented singer blesses us with his first single ‘I Know’.

‘I Know’ like the singer himself has been gaining a lot of interest, unique in sound it fits a selection of genres, but whatever the genre…one thing for sure is that it sounds great! Bluey Robinson has a summer smash, whether the skies are grey or the suns shining bright, this song sounds just as good and I expect to see it help promote Bluey Robinson further into the spotlight a man of his talent deserves.

The UK is not short of talent, that is for sure and Bluey Robinson is one of the most vocally gifted artists in this country with ‘I Know’ serving as proof. The production helps the track standout amongst anything else you’ll hear, the combination of synths layered on the varying drum pattern give ‘I Know’ a strong balance with Bluey’s vocal range.

“I would put a smile, on that pretty face, whatever it takes girl..I will find a way”

‘I Know’ is a showcase of Bluey’s ability as well as an official introduction, Ladies & Gentlemen, Bluey Robinson.

Fáris Rating:

A little bonus for you, ‘Bluey dans Paris’:

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20 Year old singer/songwriter and performer ‘Bluey Robinson’ has been creating quite a name for himself, his recently launched YouTube channel (BlueyRobinsonTV) has over eleven thousand views, whilst his myspace page has just under 200,000 plays, to add to that his new single ‘I Know’ has made it onto Radio 1 playlisting which is adding to the already present buzz surrounding this young South East London talent.

In a bid to get to know more of the man himself, I managed to catch up with the rising star and asked him 10 questions, enjoy.


“I’ve kinda alway’s been involved in music.. I’ve never really not been interested or not sung or wrote songs. It’s always just felt like something I was supposed to do, However, only up until about 5 or 6 years ago did I really start trying to perfect my craft. I took it upon myself to learn about the industry, understand who I really was as an artist and work out how I would best present myself to the world.”


“I just try to be me.. Wear what I wanna wear.. Sing how I wanna sing.. do the kinda music that feels good to me. I’ve never really been one for scenes and genre’s.. Just makes me feel restricted!”


“I tend to get inspired by weird and wonderful things that occur in every day life. Anything that stands out and disrupts the monotonous and robotic system of 21st century living is always fun ..and on many occasions is a difficult and brave thing to attempt. I am greatly influenced by Art.. Pop culture.. Human behaviour.. Space travel, the theory of alternate dimensions.. Conspiracy theories, Cult classic films and comic books. Also, I have a great interest in other artists and figures such as; Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Muhammed Ali, Andre 3000, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Kanye West and Freddy Mercury. Just to name a few!”


“I guess I offer myself and my passion. I believe strongly in developing and building your own character. Becoming the biggest and best you you can be! I have a natural want and desire to break barriers, change peoples way of thinking and inspire. So I guess therefore I will offer something I think the world needs. I will be out to make my presence felt and make a difference, an honest difference.. however possible.
Whether it be through Music, Performance, Speech or some other drastic and unconventional means, if I think it will work, I will more than likely do it! ..Be passionate!

Confidence in yourself can take u where you need to be, and you must believe in you, your abilities and your message.”


“Alot of the above, and also the fact that I live in the moment, trying to make the most of any situation.. Enjoying life to the full and experiencing all I can.”


“We have decided on the first single to be ‘I know’. Not too sure exactly when it will be released but it’s in preparation. Also I’m still working on my first album, It’s going really well and I’m excited! It’s all independent at the moment so is a bit of an uphill struggle, but I know it will eventually come together. The working title is ‘The Rising Sun'”


“There’s a few.. But I’d love to work with Andre 3000, when the times right.”


“The producer I’ve been working with is seriously soon to become the best producer the industry has.. ‘Labrinth’, but apart from that guy.. I guess I could only say Quincy (Quincy Jones)”


“Make music.
Watch anime films.
Research something enlightening on youtube..
Travel (though I have not done too much of that yet)
Talk to new people
Talk to friends
Go to the cinema
Go to Fstreet.
Go outside.
Go and watch some kind of live performance.
Anything that feels new and exciting.”


“Going to MI5 to hand in my C.V”

Bluey Robinson does not just have the talent, but the passion to pursue his ambitions, his talent cannot be denied and his style cannot be defied, a truly unique individual with a bright future.

Bluey Robinson


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OneFáris is about entertainment, not just music.

So look out for a broader variety of reviews and exclusive interviews (look out for interviews with comedian on the rise Kevin J, super-talented Bluey Robinson, representing the ladies..Lady Ny, Roc Nation & Music Kidz artist Sef and many more..soon!)

Hope you’re all good, much Love, Respect and Peace!!


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Introducing The Talent that is TEEZY!!

Teezy, i remember seeing his video for Take Your Shoes Off on the then named Channel U (Now Channel AKA for those that do not know), but at the time, I was not sure what to expect, I knew he could dance but the song felt generic (in my opinion).

However, I recently saw a video of him perform it live and my opinion swayed heavily, i would pay good money to see such a performance, check it out yourself:

More than a dancer, Teezy was born to perform, his personality and confidence combined make him stand out and what annoys me is that if this was America, Teezy would be everywhere as the next best thing, Chris Brown was well received when people knew that his strongest point was his ability to dance rather than his voice, yet in this country it seems like people are blind to it, I turn on the TV and I’m watching MTV Base and I see all kinds of American acts, don’t get me wrong..I like some of them, but surely BASE could play his new video Tootsie Roll

(I’m eager to hear that track at the end, Wizzy Wow!)

I guess that goes for most UK urban acts, is it us as an audience, are we not making enough of a fuss to see more of own home-grown acts?

Regardless, this review is about Teezy and his talents as an up and coming star for us to be proud of.

Teezy has the talent (both as a rapper and a dancer), he possesses a fresh flow, and if Tootsie Roll is anything to go by, he definitely can get a party started with such anthems, he also has a personality that he brings to the performance, he would be a asset to our charts, it’s urban, it’s young, it’s fun, what more could you want?

After speaking to him briefly, someone with so much talent has not let the rising fame get to him, he is down to earth, easily approachable, like many of the stars in the making in our country, like Bluey Robinson and Marvell, they are level-headed guys just enjoying what they do and thankful for what they have.

(Random note: MTV Bass is playing Newham Generals – Head Get Mangeled, but i wonder who else is watching this at 3am?)

I look forward to hearing more from Teezy as i’m sure anyone that enjoys real fresh sounding music will be, check out his myspace for more on another rising talent.

For those that want to experience the live performance that he brings, then 17th April at the Indigo o2

Shout out to Cyco Logic and the Down Wid It movement!

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