Whitney Houston – Call You Tonight

Written and originally recorded by Grammy award winning Johnta Austin, I previously reviewed the Johnta Austin version and have waited for this since I found out that it was going to be re-recorded by Whitney for her come-back album.

Unfortunately I am a little dissapointed, I felt that maybe it is because it is easier to find relevance in a male voice, but that is not the case, I am more dissapointed because it is such a good song and could have been a hit for Whitney Houston, but it lacks something, it does not feel as emphatic as I would have hoped, especially from an artist of Whitney Houston’s caliber, however I will have to wait and see if it grows on me or not.

Here is Johnta Austin’s version:

Which one do you prefer?

Personally, I prefer Johnta’s version, simply for the feel and soul in the song.

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