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Whitney Houston – Call You Tonight

Written and originally recorded by Grammy award winning Johnta Austin, I previously reviewed the Johnta Austin version and have waited for this since I found out that it was going to be re-recorded by Whitney for her come-back album.

Unfortunately I am a little dissapointed, I felt that maybe it is because it is easier to find relevance in a male voice, but that is not the case, I am more dissapointed because it is such a good song and could have been a hit for Whitney Houston, but it lacks something, it does not feel as emphatic as I would have hoped, especially from an artist of Whitney Houston’s caliber, however I will have to wait and see if it grows on me or not.

Here is Johnta Austin’s version:

Which one do you prefer?

Personally, I prefer Johnta’s version, simply for the feel and soul in the song.

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Johnta Austin – If I Was (Your Boyfriend)

I’m a big fan of Johnta Austin, so I was glad to hear this:

In today’s over saturated industry it is always good to hear something fresh or something classic, Johnta delivers both with this one. A singer and songwriter, Johnta Austin is more famed for his songwriting capabilities (having penned the hit Sweet Lady for Tyrese as well as more recently writing two Grammy award winning tracks in the form of Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together and Be Without You for Mary J. Blige).

‘If I Was (Your Boyfriend)’ has the feel of a classic R&B single (think more Jagged Edge, makes sense as he works closely with Jermaine Dupri). The song has Johnta letting the girl know that she is with the wrong guy (like Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait..which funnily enough was written by Johnta Austin), but not just the wrong guy, more so that she doesn’t know what love is unless she got with him (Johnta).

It’s not confirmed if this will become an official single for not, or even if he will keep it for himself, either way it is a nice track and shows the consistency that he delivers which is why Johnta Austin is so sought after in the R&B world.

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