Asher Roth – She Don’t Want A Man ft. Keri Hilson

After the success of his debut single I Love College, Mr Roth returns with She Don’t Wanna Man, featuring “Miss Keriii Baaaby”, Keri Hilson helps solidify the single as a ladies’ anthem, I Love College was a favourite of mine and a huge success for Asher, this new single will be no different in terms of it’s success.

I like the relativity and feel good factor that Asher Roth brings to the table with his records, although these songs do not justify his ability as a rapper nor lyricist, they do boost his credentials as an artist and his previous records have helped him stand among some of the best, he has to be more than just white to be compared to the almost legendary Eminem.

Click to visit Ashers official site

Click to visit Asher's official site

Asher Roth – Asleep In The Bread Aisle ..OUT NOW!!

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