J. Holiday – The Way It Was

DC’s soul singer J. Holiday became a strong fixture in R&B with the success of his singles ‘Bed’ and ‘Suffocate’, his album was a good collection and in time received quite the prase, however, he did not receive the same reception with his second album, ROUND 2.


As a complete album, Round 2 is actually better than his debut ‘Back of My Lac’. Initially my favourite tracks were, Make That Sound, Run Into My Arms, Fall and Wrong Lover ft. Rick Ross, but recently this song (The Way It Was) has grown on me.

I like the evident emotion, Round 2 was a compilation of classic R&B sounding tracks, bringing an old school flavour to the mix, something that was missing in R&B albums of late. With a lot of Pop/R&B crossover tracks, this obviously was not accepted as well, none the less it still is a great song, J. Holiday really lays feeling over the production, constructed of a dominant melody, a combination of instruments to create depth, placed ontop of a wave like beat, a mixture of highs and lows with strong drums, water drops and a soft shimmer to connect it all. It all fits together and results in another underrated J. Holiday classic.

If you like R&B then give the album a listen, You will not be dissapointed.

Click image to visit official website

Click image to visit official website

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