The East London duo are appearing stronger than ever as they continue to make their mark within the industry.

16 Year old Tiny is making big strides as he cements his place as one of (if not the) best emcee in his age bracket, to be honest, his raw ability is starting to put his status among some of the bigger names in the industry. With Griminal, the two have created a strong force in Grime, both equally talented, different yet blend well and this track clearly shows that.

I look out for a lot of talent, always eager to hear the ‘next best thing’ and I remember coming across a video of Tiny where he just stood out, only 15 at the time, you can see the progress he has made within a year, now at 16 he is on the verge of becoming an established artist, it is amazing to see the levels of improvement, the raw ability which he possesses at such a young age and still improving, the stratford star has a bright future as he continues to put East London back on the map as Grime central.

visit: http://uk.myspace.com/tinye15 ..and hear more from the star in the making.

Tiny on set

Tiny on set

his new mixtape SIZE DON’T MATTER coming soon

search 'KANE TINY EDMUND' and become a friend

search 'KANE TINY EDMUND' and become a friend

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