Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya ft. Swizz Beats & Lil’ Wayne


The apparent first single to be released off his third album ‘Graffiti’.

With the critics and haters working over time on Chris Brown since his situation with Rihanna, there is a lot of pressure on him, however with the help of other artists, the pressure is being eased, this time comes Lil’ Wayne is called into action and he delivers like only he can, with two verses, Swizz with a monster beat, expect a good video and Chris Brown will be back on top again in no time, R. Kelly went into work mode and locked himself in the studio when his ‘video’ incident emerged, he was behind every single major hit of that year and you could not criticize the man that was behind all your favourite songs, so Chris can come through, the Rihanna situation is behind him now, he can now concentrate on what he does best and this song will no doubt be another success for him, so the future is once again bright for the man Lil’ Wayne refers to as the New Michael Jackson (much to Omarions dismay).

She heard he can transform ya..

She heard 'he can transform ya'..

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