Lenny Williams – ‘Cause I Love You

Consider this a OneFáris Throwback track, A classic, which has been sampled twice by Kanye West for Twista – Overnight Celebrity and Jin – I Got A Love, as well as by Mobb Deep on their track Nothing Like Home and the most recent by Scarface for Girl You Know featuring Trey Songz.

I had not heard this in a very long time, I had heard the sampled tracks more in recent times and always felt that there was a familiar sample, I just never looked into it, then funnily enough Lil’ Wayne states (during an interview) that it is his most personal song, so naturally I found myself listening to it again, sounding just as amazing as the first time all those years ago, the samples all became ever so clear, at times you feel that they shadow the songs own beauty but Lenny Williams’ strong vocals and the passion he sings with soon eliminate such thoughts and you begin to enjoy the song for all it’s worth.

I understand that such songs do not deliver in the charts, but people should support even more, in order to encourage people to create such quality, it is this kind of originality that inspires someone such as Robin Thicke to make the music he does.

‘Cause I Love You is a timeless classic, a track that should and will be enjoyed and appreciated whilst also being Lil’ Wayne’s most personal song.

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