Scorcher – Lipsin Ting ft. Liam Francis

A song that most artists would be too scared to create, let alone shoot a video and release, Lipsin Ting is becoming an anthem (if it has not already).

Produced by Skepta, This track just possesses such a party vibe, people can take it how they want, the beat to me is nice and find the hook catchy, I applaud Scorcher for making such a track, as many artists would turn their heads to the idea. After interviewing Scorcher (interview coming soon) is when I first heard of this track and originally I did not understand what direction Scorcher was going in, he had Dark Knight (classic track), which is one of my favourite songs of his, however, it did not take long for me to one day listen to it and think, “this is kind of good”, so I started listening to it more often, then you find yourself singing it at random times, it just happens to have a carnival-like feeling, sometimes we do not want to hear something too serious, complex or emotional, we just like a good song that you can move to. It also shows the diversity that Scorcher offers as an artist, coming from the Grime scene can at times offer a restriction of creativity (due to the demand of fans), however with Scorcher knowing where he comes from, he can go wherever he pleases as his music always portrays his roots, he stays true to himself and that allows him to effortlessly transcend through genres and styles of production.

Towards the end of this video was a big surprise for me, a clip of the video for Dark Knight, you see the transition, similar to that of Bruce Wayne & Batman, I definitely look forward to the entire video.

Lipsin Ting continues to rise in popularity with already over 100,000 views on youtube, a good look for Scorcher aka Skywalker, whos album Concrete Jungle (released Nov 9th) is a highly anticipated release.

Scorcher - 'Concrete Jungle' ..OUT 9TH NOVEMBER!!

Scorcher - 'Concrete Jungle' ..OUT 9TH NOVEMBER!!

Scorcher – Gangsta

Banned from TV, this one is for the hardecore fans, Grime and Rap fans alike will appreciate this one more.

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