Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya ft. Swizz Beatz & Lil’ Wayne (Official Video)


He’s Back, say what you want but at the moment there is no other artist like this, no other song like this either and definitely no other video, featuring Cameos from producer Swizz Beats, Mr Carter himself Lil’ Wayne and Tyrese.

Here is the official video for the first single to be released off his third album ‘Graffiti’.

The track as you already know is good, Swizzy creating what I would like to described as, “‘Wall to Wall’ on stereroids”, Lil’ Wayne understands exactly what is needed of him and he brings it in full effect, the most pressure is on Chris Brown and he delivers with ease, he has improved, he has matured and it all shows, he seems determined and confident, which is a good combination. The video is a mix of interests with the fashion, robots, martial arts and dancing, they are all nicely merged together, it has something for everyone, the guys will enjoy watching it, the girls will most likely watch it more than the guys, but over all it is a great way to return.

With the critics and haters working over time on Chris Brown since his situation with Rihanna, there is a lot of pressure on him, however with the help of other artists, the pressure is being eased, this time comes Lil’ Wayne is called into action and he delivers like only he can, with two verses, Swizz with a monster beat, a good video and it appears that Chris Brown will be back on top again in no time, R. Kelly went into work mode and locked himself in the studio when his ‘video’ incident emerged, he was behind every single major hit of that year and you could not criticize the man that was behind all your favourite songs, so Chris can come through, he is mentally stronger and can now concentrate on what he does best and this song will no doubt be another success for him, so the future is once again bright for the man Lil’ Wayne refers to as the “New Michael Jackson” (much to Omarion’s dismay).

After watching this video, it appears that Chris Brown may return as an even bigger artist than when he left, while there are many who may never forgive him, there are a lot who will and of late he is showing sincerity and the fans take to that, the record is hot, you cannot deny that, it might be his biggest track so far, personally, his private life is his private life, if I was to judge artists on their personal issues then I would stop listening to a lot of your favourite artists, Music remains Music.

She heard he can transform ya..

She heard 'he can transform ya'..

I Can Transform Ya ..OUT NOW!!

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