Consequence – Whatever U Want (Remix) ft. Kid Cudi, Common, Big Sean, Kanye West & John Legend

The Good music family all step up for this remix and it is better than the original, each member comes through with their own style and the track just becomes entertaining, this may have been better as a Summer release, but when you have the financial status of those guys, they can fly wherever the suns out, so it somehow makes sense.

The features all provide depth to the track, a lot of variation too, you have the youthful essence of Kid Cudi, then Common steps in to provide some legendary flavour, setting up newcomer Big Sean who really stands out, up next is Mr West who does what nobody else can, Consequence balances that with a far more complex rhyme, John Legends voice provides the soul and a whole new element to the record, Consequence remains lyrical, Big Sean offers more with his delivery, Common is just Common, Kanye’s next verse is better, the best thing is that they all have short verses and trade with each other, they sound like a close unit, a strong team.

Personally, it would have been good to have Mr Hudson sing the chorus as John Legend sang on the original, but either way its a great song.

Consequence - Good Music

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