Skepta – Blow My Own Trumpet

From the sounds of this, Skepta seems to have found a medium between his commercial and underground music, I really do not want to say anything so that you can simply listen and feel for yourself, this song is realy ‘that’ good.

Many may not understand my enthusiasm towards the record, it is simple, it is honest and it is positive, if mainstream could look past the stereotypes and actually listen to what is being said, Skepta could possibly carry Grime on his back and take it that step further, an intelligent artist, Skepta has allowed himself the freedom to sway from the grittiest of street records to a commercial sounding club anthem and so with Blow My Own Trumpet he manages to craft a personal masterpiece, the content of the song is reality, Skepta takes time out to praise and congratulate the scene for their acheivements thus far.

I like the production, it is not complex and that makes it easy listening, I can go on in positives about the track, the lyrics are strong, they hold emotion, many will relate to this song and as a result..then relate to Skepta himself, which can only help his evergrowing fanbase.

Skepta looks like another artist set to take the next step in 2010, he is definitely in the right direction with this effort.

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