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Frisco – It’s Changed

While Skepta continues his dominance as one of the elite, with his BBK collective further establishing themselves as quite the force beyond music. One of the scene’s unsung heroes steps up to continue their elevation.

Those in the know, have no doubt about Frisco and his ability not just lyrically but flows too. The edgy emcee has one of the most legendary verses to ever come out of the country, and whilst most of his verses might go over the average listener’s head, despite his success thus far (not to mention his popular The Den live showcase), Big Fris might just be one of the game’s most underrated, so it’s great to see him step out with his new ting.

“Right through is where I’m cuttin’, treat this game like a meal and tuck in..”

Known for his hypnotic flow, the Boy Better Know bad boy reaffirms his stance as one of the scene’s best, with his lyrical acknowledgement of how far he has come. Whilst his flow cannot be questioned, his lyrics might go overlooked at times, “this year man gotta go harder..”, as if he ain’t been going in already, but it’s further emphasis of his intentions to continue taking strides, and not one to bite his tongue, for those really listening there’s more as he even shares his sentiments on the system with lil’ bars like, “fuck voting..they’re all the same”, he’s certainly coming of age and rightfully one of the premier voices in the game, so to hear more introspective rhymes is most definitely welcomed.

There is no denying that the crew have gone on to great things, so stay locked into Big Fris as he looks to help take things even further with his raw and distinct sound.

“They used to look at man different, you see how they look at man now blud…it’s changed!”


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Skepta – Hypocrisy

“They tried to disrespect me, when they’re online especially, but everyting cool when they check me, because I’m so cool and deadly..”

The BBK general drops the follow up to No Security, with Hypocrisy. Even though I would argue that Skepta has been the UK’s top artist (at least within the scene) well before he might have even believed, but since his own realisation and the release of (the now classic) Blacklisted, he has not slowed down, to now where he dictates the tempo.

If you could put a soundtrack to speeding off on your haters, then this is it. It’s still Underdog Psychosis in full effect, as he flows from the soul over the self-produced anthem. “Just came back from the Ivors..and look at what we collected, the MBE got rejected, I’m not tryna be accepted”. As much as the Tottenham MC has evolved over the past couple years, he certainly has not changed or lost focus, as he continues to set the trail ablaze.

Although his monumental album Konnichiwa was only released last year, Hypocrisy surges with a new energy, that has me anticipating the next album already.

The visuals, based off the artwork, paying homage to 90’s show Eurotrash, presented by Antoine de Caunes and (Designer) Jean-Paul Gaultier, with the lil’ product placement, which usually might bother me, but as it’s my fragrance of choice, I appreciated the shout out. Directed by Skepta and one of the best directors in the country, Matthew Walker (most of you will be familiar as I have been speaking highly of him for quite some years now), together they create a vibrant visual, with the set and it’s dark contrast, assisting the narrative, the slavery imagery, the flames and the solo shot upon the checkered floor. A great concept and well executed by Matt, from the overall tones, choice of shots and transitions, down to the edit.

“See, I had to realise slowly, that nobody actually knows me, Yeah man..I got 15 different iPhones, but I am so not phoney..”

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N-Dubz – Na Na ft. Skepta

The UK’s favourite Trio celebrate their platinum success with what can only be described as another ‘anthem’.

From Camden to California, amidst news of Ndubz signing to a major label to be launched stateside (another step in their plans for Global dominance), this track comes a treat for new and old fans alike, featuring Boy Better Know’s Skepta, who recently celebrated a top 20 chart position (as an independant artist) with his single ‘Bad Boy’.

‘Na Na’, is a up-tempo record blending the raw street sound and commercial glitter that Ndubz have been so successful at creating thus far, with the added feature of the BBK General, this UK combo has found itself on heavy rotation on TV.

For me, the record justifies many statements which I have made in the past, for example, highlighting Dappy as more than just a ‘rapper’, his self belief, enthusiasm and attitude itself forms his character which he so easily yet smartly converts into his music, many take it as a gimmick, however, his success silences any notion, along with Tulisa who like Dappy is creating her own presence within the industry as well as Fazer, who i believe is holding back and many are yet to see what he is capable of.

Skepta has been delivering some exciting music of late with his take on commercial music, offering the classic underground delivery we as an audience are accustomed to fused with a more polished sounding production, his feature therefore adds depth and even an extra excitement to the track itself as the self proclaimed ‘Microphone Champion’ is let loose to do damage on the beat.

Having seen the rise from humble begginnings and watching the consistency and dedication both Ndubz & BBK have put in, one can only feel proud and wish them even more success.

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Skepta – Bad Boy

Bad Boy is the new single from Boy Better Know’s self proclaimed ‘Microphone Champion’, better known as Skepta.

With this record, Skepta has provided an all-round anthem for a broader range of audiences, it sounds good on radio, sounds great in the club and even through your headphones, Skepta does not use any vocal enhancers, nor makes any major changes to adapt to a commercial sound, instead it is just a well constructed track that feels natural, with Skepta’s distinct style neatly fused into the track, it is no surprise why Bad Boy record has reached way over 200,000 views on youtube.

A lot of people will criticize and expect a more underground sounding Skepta, until those people put their money where their mouth is and actually purchase the records, they should expect this, even then I feel this is a great UK record, as if you cannot help but to sing along, I’ve always been one to deminish stereotypes and this song does that and happens to be catchy whilst doing so, definitely looking forward to more hits from Skepta as he continues this surge of good music.

The video is courtesy of Staplehouse with fellow North London artist Scorcher continuing upon his recent success as a Director, he really has come a long way in such a short space of time and this video fully justifies his credentials, along with the rest of the Staplehouse team, who help create a great visual for a potentially huge track.

Skepta - Bad Boy (available 10th March), the album 'Microphone Champion' ..OUT NOW!!

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Skepta – Blow My Own Trumpet

From the sounds of this, Skepta seems to have found a medium between his commercial and underground music, I really do not want to say anything so that you can simply listen and feel for yourself, this song is realy ‘that’ good.

Many may not understand my enthusiasm towards the record, it is simple, it is honest and it is positive, if mainstream could look past the stereotypes and actually listen to what is being said, Skepta could possibly carry Grime on his back and take it that step further, an intelligent artist, Skepta has allowed himself the freedom to sway from the grittiest of street records to a commercial sounding club anthem and so with Blow My Own Trumpet he manages to craft a personal masterpiece, the content of the song is reality, Skepta takes time out to praise and congratulate the scene for their acheivements thus far.

I like the production, it is not complex and that makes it easy listening, I can go on in positives about the track, the lyrics are strong, they hold emotion, many will relate to this song and as a result..then relate to Skepta himself, which can only help his evergrowing fanbase.

Skepta looks like another artist set to take the next step in 2010, he is definitely in the right direction with this effort.

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Boy Better Know – Goin’ In

Another monster anthem from the Grime collective:

Goin’ In features Skepta, JME, Frisco & Jammer, so you have four different styles and personalities over a literally crazy instrumental, this was not created with the intention of a musical masterpiece, it was created from a vibe, a vibe that takes over, this may not be played on radio, it might not be played in clubs (although I think it should), however throw it on before you head out to the club and you see how it gets your night started, the infectious guitar strings merge with Skepta’s comical intro which then turns into a vital harmony, each person brings their own charisma to the record, “The Rasta’s ready”, Jammer offers the hype element, Frisco brings solidity and the street feel, JME provides the quirky and witty lyrics, “I’m a big kid, like Benjamin Button”, this all blends with Skepta’s obvious presence to form a unified and versatile party track.

The track itself, as revealed by Skepta (exclusively to GrimeDaily) was created from a vibe in the studio where Skepta was messing about in the booth with the autotune on and Jammer was actually asleep, hence the, “I don’t beleive Jammer’s sleeping…”, I feel that this could be as big..if not bigger than their previous smash ‘Too Many Man’, with already over 50,000 views within a few days, the video (Directed by Scorcher and Staple House) captures the party vibe perfectly, with each feature playing out their role and visually offering the same energy as their vocals, featuring cameos from Badness, 13, Logan Sama and Little Dee, Goin’ In is set to gain Boy Better Know plenty more fans and recognition.

Goin’ In – available for Download on 14th December via iTunes

BBK ..They're "Goin' In"..

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